40 block of South Mendenhall Street

“College Hill is a neighborhood with a turn-of-the-century appearance,
a pedestrian place with the amenities of convenience, architectural charm, human scale and a sense of character.”

From the College Hill Concept Plan,
approved by the Greensboro City Council in 1978

College Hill, located  immediately west of downtown Greensboro south of West Market Street, has the distinctions of being Greensboro’s first neighborhood and first historic district. This small area was initially built out as a neighborhood beginning in the 1890s, but it also includes homes dating back to the 1840s.

The neighborhood is roughly bounded by West Market Street to the north, UNCG to the west, the railroad tracks to the south and the future Downtown Greenway to the east. Here is a map showing College Hill’s boundaries and properties (PDF).

Our guide to the neighborhood includes:

More about College Hill

The Guilford County online map viewer provides ownership information and other attributes of any property in the county.

Deed information and other records can found in the Guilford County Tax Department database and the Register of Deeds office.

College Hill Welcome Committee

If you have recently purchased a home in College Hill or if you know of someone who has, please let our welcome committee know! Phone or e-mail Lyddan Pawlowski or Clara Kelly so they can deliver a welcome package to the newcomers.

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