Municipal Service District

wooden pergola at corner with two wooden benches

lampost with new street signsCollege Hill property owners pay a Municipal Service District fee along with their property taxes. The fee pays for such neighborhood improvements as a continuing streetscape and landscaping project in the city right of way. Projects have included:

  • The neighborhood’s old-fashioned street lights and street signs,
  • Additional historically appropriate street lighting to eliminate night-time dark spots throughout the neighborhood,
  • The pergola on South Mendenhall Street at Walker Avenue,
  • Signs identifying the neighborhood on Market, Spring Garden and Spring streets,
  • Sidewalk trash receptacles,
  • A security fence on Oakland Avenue along the railroad tracks,
  • Part of the cost of the Spring Garden Street median, and
  • The granite cornerstones and plantings at many corners throughout College Hill.

MSD funds also were used for the 2013 College Hill Tree Inventory.

The current fee is 1 cent per $1,000 of tax valuation. Thus, the owner of a house with a tax value of $300,000 pays $3 per year.