Neighborhood Plan

cover of college hill neighborhood plan 2015To protect our neighborhood’s historic character and architectural heritage, the College Hill Neighborhood Association worked with the Greensboro Planning Department to create the College Hill Neighborhood Plan. Click here for the plan as adopted by the City Council in March 2015 (PDF).

More than 50 College Hill residents and property owners participated in the plan’s development in a series of four neighborhood summit meetings. Their insights and suggestions were essential in creating a plan that will give the city and the neighborhood guidance on development and city services for years.


“The primary purpose of this neighborhood plan is to present practical strategies and policy recommendations for enhancing the desirable conditions and reducing the undesirable conditions currently found in College Hill.

“The College Hill Neighborhood Plan is a guide for making future decisions about how resources should be allocated, what kinds of development activity are appropriate, and what issues the residents and property owners are concerned about. It is a statement of what the College Hill neighborhood wants to achieve and become, as well as a roadmap for the City of Greensboro and the College Hill Neighborhood Association to use cooperatively in reaching that vision.”

Contents and strategic action plan

The plan reviews the current state of the neighborhood, future land use issues, and specific infill and re-use opportunities. It includes a strategic plan addressing six areas:

  1. Housing and Historic Character
  2. Crime and Safety
  3. Communications and Governance
  4. Neighborhood Development
  5. Parking and Traffic
  6. Quality-of-Life

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