South Mendenhall Street at Spring Garden

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Tate Street business district

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Spring Garden and Mendenhall

Houston Street

If you’re looking for …

  • Sam’s Oven & Grill, closed June 2021
  • Boutique Hypnotica, closed May 2021
  • Pedro’s Taco Shop, closed March 2020
  • The People’s Perk, closed August 2019
  • Cottage Inn Pizza, closed early 2019 (second time)
  • Wear Yours, closed August 2017
  • Subway, closed January 2017 (after at least 25 years)
  • Munchiez, closed December 2016
  • Troy-Bumpass Inn, closed October 2016 (after 24 years)
  • Cafe Mirchi, closed July 2016
  • The mattress store on Spring Garden, closed in 2016
  • Taste frozen yogurt, closed December 2015
  • Thai Garden, closed December 2015
  • Los Cabos, closed fall 2015
  • India Palace, closed August 2015
  • Addams Bookstore, closed February 2014 (after 25 years or so)
  • The Corner, closed February 2011 (after 60 years)
  • University Laundry, August 2010
  • Hong Kong House, December 1999 (after 27 years)
  • … and from the 1990s and 2000s, all gone now: Ben & Jerry’s, Burger King, College Hill Video, Crocodiles, Crunchy Music Stuff (later Gate City Noise), the Cuckoo’s Nest, Cup a Joe, Design Archives (moved downtown), El Carreton, The Exchange, Friar’s Cellar, Know Juan, the Lager Haus, Li’l Dino’s, Maya Art Gallery, The Space, Tate Street Billiards, Valencia, several problematic bars where the pool hall used to be and also where Sushi Republic is now, a long string of convenience stores where Chipotle is now and two suntan places, both relatively short-lived.
  • … and from the old days: Aliza’s Cafe, the Belstone Cafe, the Edge, Fridays, the Nightshade Cafe, the Red Door (Emmylou Harris played there during her brief time as a UNCG undergraduate), Schoolkids Records, the Victory Theatre and many others.

Names in bold indicate businesses that were especially prominent in their day.