Here come the students, here come the car break-ins

Three car break-ins were reported late Saturday and early Sunday in the area of the Province. Two cars were in the 700 block of Fulton; one was on Province Spring Court.

As students return for fall, this kind of petty crime is no surprise. [Clarification: It’s no surprise because too many students are easy prey for criminals.]  So use good sense and do what so many people don’t bother with: Lock your car, don’t leave valuables (especially phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) in it, and if you have to leave something valuable in it for crying out loud don’t leave it in plain sight.  Above all, think about what you’re doing, especially when you’re doing something as mundane and habitual as getting out of the car.

It doesn’t take much to deter this sort of thing. Cars generally aren’t broken into on speculation; it usually happens because something worth stealing can be seen from outside the car.  And if you do get victimized, no matter how petty the loss is, call the police. Knowing that this kind of thing is happening, and where, helps the police and the neighborhood.

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