Be aware: Fake door-to-door salespeople reported nearby


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Don’t be fooled: ADT Security Services does not send salespeople out door-to-door.

Residents of the Westerwood neighborhood report a group of men have been going door-to-door pretending to sell ADT home security systems.  Westerwood neighbors checked with ADT and learned that the company does not send out door-to-door salespersons.

Update: There are now similar reports coming from Lindley Park.

This appears to be a scam to get into homes and evaluate their contents, means of entry, lack of security, and the people who live there.

This information was reported at last night’s meeting of the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress, and we thank our Westerwood neighbors for letting us know (and GNC member and minutes recorder Ann Stringfield). For those not familiar with Westerwood, it’s the neighborhood adjacent to College Hill on the other side of Market Street and Friendly Avenue.

Remember: do not open your door to people you do not already know. Don’t let people you don’t know into your house.  If you see any suspicious people, immediately call the police at 911 or 373-2222. Don’t wait and don’t expect anyone else to call.  And then let your neighbors know and send an email to the neighborhood association (click for the email address) so we can help get the word out.  College Hill is safer when we let the police and each other know what’s happening.

We all count on each other.  Don’t let us down.

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