Who is John Galt, and where did his badly parked Toyota go?

Tow truck, badly parked car, police car

A tow truck driver hooks up a RAV4 that was blocking a driveway on Carr Street this morning.

Note to sovereign citizens and others who would leave their clumsily parked cars blocking driveways: The parking laws don’t bend that far.

And if you’re a Libertarian looking for your RAV4 today, check with the police. A blue RAV4 with a Ron Paul for President bumper sticker was parked blocking the driveway at 919 Carr Street this morning. The passenger-side tires were actually up into the driveway — must have been a rough night.  And it must have been a slow morning for crime in Greensboro. Two police cars showed up and had that thing yanked out of there in no time flat.

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