Word from the Delta Sigma Phi national office in re 220 South Tate

The house at 220 South Tate isn’t a Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house, according to the fraternity’s national office. An email sent Saturday to the frat’s executive director brought this response Monday from Cameron Blair Warner, director of risk management and housing:

“Thank you very much for bringing this concern to our attention. According to our inquiry, the local chapter at UNC Greensboro does not have a chapter house. Rather, it is our understanding that an alumnus who lives on South Tate Street hosted a dinner for undergraduate members and temporarily placed signs on the building to help identify the property. If this is incorrect, please do not hesitate to let me know. I’m happy to work with the alumnus and undergraduate chapter comply with local zoning and neighborhood expectations. Thank you again!”

That’s good to hear. Also responding to a weekend email, the Greensboro Zoning Enforcement Office confirmed on Monday that they’ll check the house. That’s good to hear, too.

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