Police issue two public safety alerts for us all to be aware of


Larry Lee Louis

Two advisories from city and campus police that are worth knowing about:

The first is from our Greensboro police community resource officer, M.L. Daniel (336-373-4645).  A man named Larry Louis Lee has been found sleeping on the front porches of homes throughout Zone 110, College Hill’s police patrol zone, and neighboring Zone 130.  If you find this guy on your porch or if you hear about such a case, call the police. If you feel it’s an emergency, call 911; otherwise, call the non-emergency number, 373-2222. Lee has a history of burglary.

Also, the UNCG and N.C. A&T police departments report that men have been approaching women on or near the two campuses and others in Greensboro, saying they’re selling perfume out of their cars. The UNCG police say they encountered the men and told them to beat it.  In case they’re still around, keep this in mind. In case you need to be told not to get into or near the cars of men you don’t know, don’t do it. Especially if they’ve got a story as suspicious as selling perfume out of their car. The A&T police issued an alert to the campus community about this on Wednesday.

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