Was it a robbery on Carr Street? Or just a suspicious person?

A conversation with the helpful Greensboro police detective who’s investigating the report of a robbery last week on Carr Street left me with these impressions:

  • The police report was sketchy because the police haven’t figured out exactly what happened.
  • Regardless of whether the person reporting the robbery knew the supposed attackers (he told police he didn’t), it appears that if there was a robbery it maybe wasn’t a random incident. The police don’t think the neighborhood needs to worry about three men lurkingĀ in bushes, parked cars, moving cars or wherever these guys reportedly were, waiting to ambush anyone who happens by at 2 a.m.
  • The initial call was about a suspicious person. No one has said anything about a robbery except the guy who apparently was the suspicious person.
  • It’s really a shame the only other person present when police arrived says he was too drunk to remember anything.
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