Following up on Saturday’s downed tree and the new sign

SUV damaged by falled tree on Mendenhall StreetThe tree that fell yesterday on Mendenhall Street damaged a very unlucky SUV, but the power lines and street light across the street were spared. Much of the tree remains in the front yard of 117 South Mendenhall St. It caved in the hood of the SUV and broke an outside mirror. The vehicle may be able to move away on its own, though, unlike the remains of the tree, which the city left for the absentee landlord clean up. UPDATE: The city actually did come back on Monday and haul the rest of it away. Who would have guessed?

New neighborhood sign under construction at Market and MendenhallUnrelatedly, work has resumed on the new College Hill sign at Market and Tate streets. Progress was stalled for several weeks by unanticipated difficulty in securing the granite. There were other problems as well, but now that the granite has been delivered, work has resumed with the stone being applied to the cinder block base. The sign is being paid for with money from College Hill’s Municipal Service District funds.

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