Primaries on Tuesday for Congress and N.C. Supreme Court

"Your Vote Counts" graphicRemember: College Hill is now in District 13 for the U.S. House of Representatives. Both parties have primaries for that seat tomorrow, June 7 (polling location).

Also, there’s a very important primary for the N.C. Supreme Court (details here).

In the 13th District, there are five Democrats and 17 Republicans running for their parties’ nominations to run in the fall. Here are their websites, with a slogan or representative quote (please note that grammatical mistakes, etc., are copied verbatim from websites).

If you don’t care to look at all the websites, do read the quotes below. Many are quite remarkable.

  • Adam Coker (D) 
    Filmmaker, photographer, businessman
    “Reviving the American Dream”
  • Bruce Davis (D) 
    Child care center owner, former Guilford County commissioner
    “I served our country and community as a marine, county commissioner, philanthropist and businessman. Now I am ready to serve you in Washington.”
  • Mazie Ferguson (D) 
    Attorney, Former pastor
    “Mazie Ferguson has worked all her adult life to make life better for working families. An activist for the rights of poor and working families, she has served as a teacher, pastor and theologian while playing an active role in many labor disputes.”
  • Kevin Griffin (D) 
    Businessman, living-wage activist
    “I’m something new. I’m not a politician trying to work my way up the ladder.  I’ve never held a political office before.  What I am is a new opportunity. A new voice, with new ideas and approaches to solving our problems.”
  • Bob Isner (D) 
    Real estate developer, civil engineer
    “I am running for the United States congress in the newly formed 13th district as a moderate, pragmatic voice for our future.”
  • Dan Barrett (R) 
    Davie County commissioner, attorney
    “Repeal Obama Care. Create jobs. Keep America Safe.”
  • John Blust (R)
    State representative, attorney
    “A Courageous Conservative Willing to Take a Stand”
  • Andrew Brock (R) 
    State senator
    “Join my crusade in the fight to change Washington DC!”
  • Ted Budd (R) 
    Gun range owner, agricultural investor
    “Fiscal responsibility. Protect freedom. Help families thrive. Take on establishment.”
  • Kay Daly (R) 
    Political consultant, former congressional aide
    “Kay Daly is the only NC-13 candidate who endorsed Cruz for President, publicly opposed the election of Boehner & Ryan as Speaker, and is less PC than Trump!”
  • Kathy Feather (R) 
    Hospital lactation consultant, former librarian
    “A refreshing voice for the people”
  • Chad Gant (R)
     Recent law school graduate
    “Christian, Conservative, American”
  • Hank Henning (R) 
    Guilford County commissioner, account manager
    “The Conservative With Grit”
  • Julia Howard (R) 
    State representative, Realtor, appraiser
    “As President Obama continues to push a radical agenda that undermines our civil liberties and takes our economy in the wrong direction, me and my Republican colleagues are working harder than ever to stop him.” 
  • Matt McCall (R) 
    Iredell County register of deeds, Iredell County GOP chair, ex-insurance agent
    “In Congress, McCall will fight every day to move our country in the right direction and be accountable to you, by reducing out of control government spending, paying off our national debt and fighting for conservative values.”
  • Vernon Robinson (R)
    Ex-Winston-Salem City Council member
    “Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of firing a fully-automatic submachine gun? Perhaps your trigger-finger is itching to fire one again? Either way, you’re in luck! Vernon Robinson, conservative candidate in NC’s new 13th district, is hosting another Machine Gun Social fundraiser, and you and your friends are invited.”
  • George Rouco (R) 
     Attorney, ex-CIA agent, ex-businessman
    “Integrity, Leadership, Service”
  • Farren K. Shoaf (R) 
     Real estate broker, auctioneer, radio station owner
    “A citizen, not a politician”
  • Jim Snyder (R) 
     Davidson County criminal defense lawyer
    Apparently does not have a campaign website.
  • David Thompson (R)
    As far as I can tell, his website doesn’t give an occupation (but he’s not the former basketball player).
    “Elect a local that cares about the past, present and future of his hometown”
    (Note: His hometown is Mooresville.)
  • Jason Walser (R) 
    Executive director, Central N.C. Land Trust
    “No More DO NOTHING CONGRESS. Let’s Get to Work!”
  • Harry Warren (R) 
    State representative, businessman
    “Our country is in trouble. Years of unprincipled leadership by elite circles of establishment politicians from both political parties has finally positioned our magnificent country at the very brink of financial, systemic and moral collapse.”


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