News to know from Tate Street, Walker Avenue and the ‘Spoon

A puzzling (to me, at least) illustration relating to the exhibition at the Weatherspoon

“Humorous and tense, systematic and chaotic— these seemingly mismatched descriptors capture the playful complexity of Alex Hubbard’s video works.” To be explained Tuesday at Noon at the ‘Spoon.

From the Tate Street business district: There’s activity in the former University Laundry location. Tables and chairs have been moved in and upfitting is under way. Oh boy — another restaurant. … Novelist Miriam Herrin of Walker Avenue was recently interviewed on Voice of America about her two novels, Absolution and A Stone for Bread. Click here to listen. …

Good neighbor Clara Kelly reunited a lost bicycle with its owner this week through the listserv. If you’re not on Nextdoor, click here to sign up. … Speaking of Nextdoor, the site has added a recommendations page listing providers of home-repair and other professional services. Since it’s new, there are relatively few listings so far. Any recommendations you can provide would be much appreciated. …

Noon @ the ‘Spoon next Tuesday: For this month’s 20-minute tour, Emily Stamey, curator of exhibitions, will talk about the current exhibition Single-Channel Catalyst: Alex Hubbard’s “Eat Your Friends” and Selections from the Collection. Noon at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. …

Three houses for sale in the neighborhood are now under contract: 306 South Mendenhall Street, the Orlo Epps House at 808 Walker Avenue and the sweet little 625 Joyner Street. …

June decisions from the Historic Preservation Commission: The owner of 706 Walker Avenue was ordered to replace within 120 days the two trees that were cut down on the property. The city arborist will recommend the size and species of the new trees. … The owner of 918 Carr Street violated the historic district guidelines by putting concrete over the front foundation of the house. Since the concrete can’t be removed without replacing the foundation, he was ordered to stain the concrete a brick-red or dark brown and plant shrubs in front of the foundation, with a six-month deadline.

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  1. Terry Weaver says:

    912 Spring Garden St. is for sale again.

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