Neighbor Jim Clark of Carr Street dies at age 72

headshot of Jim ClarkLongtime College Hill resident Jim Clark died Monday. He was  72. He had suffered a severe heart attack last spring. Jim and his wife, Daniele, had lived on Carr Street since 1980 and raised their two children, Stefan and Josie, there. They moved to Westerwood after Jim’s heart attack to be closer to their daughter.

Jim was the director of UNCG’s MFA program in creative writing for many years, a position he still held. He also was editor of the program’s magazine, The Greensboro  Review.

In a quote posted on the MFA program website, novelist Kevin Wilson said, “Until it broke, my answering machine held a message from Jim Clark, telling me I had a story accepted in The Greensboro Review. Though I would not mention this to Jim, as it would embarrass the hell out of him, on days when I got a rejection or I felt like a terrible writer, which was often, I would listen to his message and feel better.

“Jim is the kind of editor that you hope for, one that believes wholeheartedly in the work, supports writers in whatever way he can, and makes you believe that he had no hand in making the piece better through editing, even though he made my story so much better.”

Visitation will be Thursday November 2, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Forbis & Dick Funeral Service, 1118 N. Elm Street. Click here for more information.

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