Alert: Home Theft & Burglary Information

The Greensboro Police have provided the College Hill Neighborhood Association with the following alert:

“Please be aware that we currently have received complaints of a older model white Chevy Astro van driven by 2 black males and have a black male child with them approximately 12 yrs old.  The van has a red emblem on the side.  They come to your house and try to show you flooring.  While you are distracted and looking at flooring the child goes around and steals items from your home.

Also, we have seen an increase in burglaries particularly in 140 zone (along W. Cone Blvd corridor between Battleground and Elm).  Suspects are 2-3 black males driving a white Kia van or car.  They go to the rear of the house and kick in the back doors.  They are removing jewelry and electronics.

If you see either of these suspects or any suspicious activity please reports it to the police.  Call 911.”

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