New College Hill listserv set up; GSO Police also will use it

Screenshot: nextdoor.comA group of College Hill residents have organized a neighborhood listserv through The neighborhood has had varying degrees of success over the years with such things. A list maintained by UNCG went away years ago, and a couple different Yahoo groups haven’t really generated much interest.

The list offers an opportunity to bring the neighborhood a more effective means of quick communication. The Greensboro Police will announce next week that they’ll be using the system to distribute information to neighborhoods. They say 99 neighborhoods in Greensboro are using the system. Downtown, Glenwood, Lake Daniel and Westerwood are among them.

Here’s what the police say about it: 

The Greensboro Police Department will announce a partnership with Nextdoor (, the private social network for neighborhoods, to enhance communication among police and residents to fight crime and improve quality of life. Nextdoor is part of GPD’s Neighborhood Oriented Policing initiative and supports Chief Scott’s strategy to better connect with the city’s residents and businesses.”

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