Snow hasn’t brought life to a total standstill this morning

Snow on Tate StreetA family visits snowy Springdale ParkAs of 11 a.m., streets in College Hill are passable but risky. There is a little traffic out there, particularly on Tate and Spring Garden.

A few businesses on Tate Street are open, including New York Pizza, Tate Street Coffee House, College Mart, Jimmy John’s, Coffeeology and FedEx Office. How long they’ll be open is a good question. I didn’t see NYP or JJ’s making any deliveries when I was out, but that was well before lunchtime.

I didn’t see any streets that looked suitable for sledding — there appears to have been just enough traffic to mess up the snow. Springdale Park is probably the best bet for sledding.

For what it’s worth, a garbage truck made a quick pass through the neighborhood Thursday afternoon. They emptied the few garbage cans that were out but didn’t come back for the recycling. Maybe we’ll see them again before next Friday, maybe not.


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