Block captains needed for revival of Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch logoThe College Hill Neighborhood Watch is being brought back to life. Please join us in making the Neighborhood Watch a valuable contributor to the neighborhood’s quality of life once again.

Our first step is to recruit and organize block captains throughout the neighborhood. If you’re willing to take a more active role in maintaining the safety of our neighborhood, you’ll find the time and effort required are minor, and the benefit to your neighbors will be great.┬áThis is what we ask of block captains:

— Take the initiative to report any suspicious activity you see. Report it to the police if it’s an immediate problem; contact me if it’s a non-immediate problem.

— Encourage your neighbors to sign up for the College Hill Nextdoor listserv to receive public safety information directly from the police and the Neighborhood Watch.

— Ask your neighbors to tell you about any non-immediate suspicious activity, public safety problems or concerns they have (and to call 911 for any immediate concerns). And then you contact me so we can work with the police or property owners to resolve them.

I don’t foresee that we’ll be holding regular meetings, so there’s no time commitment of that sort.

We’re seeking block captains for each block of the neighborhood, plus McIver Square, Wafco Mill and the Wafco townhouses. Please let me know by Monday May 9 if you’re willing to invest the small amount of time and effort needed to help maintain the safety of College Hill. And if you have any questions or need any further information, please contact me.


David Arneke (click here for email)

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