Enforcement Section of Land Development Ordinance

Greensboro has an ordinance regarding land development; included in that ordinace is a section on enforcement. CHNA Board members  and residents are urged to become familiar with this information. Please use the following link to access the information. Of particular note is section 30-5-5.5, Tree Disturbance Penalties.  It is important that we, as a neighborhood association, understand the ordinance and enforcement possibilities in order to more effectively aid in the process of making sure the guidelines are followed throughout College Hill.
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2 Responses to Enforcement Section of Land Development Ordinance

  1. Terry Weaver says:

    This is an excellent re-do of the Historic District Guidelines. I assume it is not finished, because of the number of blank pages.

    Can some importance be placed on the many, sewer lines that were installed (I assume) many years ago that are now eroding, are root-bound and need to be replaced sooner rather than later? Are there guidelines about proceeding?

    • Ian Beatty says:

      Hi, Terry.

      I don’t see any blank pages in that document, which makes me suspect that something went wrong when you tried to view it, and you got an incomplete file. When I click on the above link, I get a ten-page PDF, and all ten pages seem complete.

      Your concern about degenerating sewer lines seems like an important one, but I’m not sure how it fits into this particular document. It seems like that excerpt (“Article 5”) is only concerned with enforcing existing neighborhood regulations, whereas your concern is with getting some proactive utility maintenance done. Or do I misunderstand you?

      You might try calling the Greensboro Dispatch Center (336.373.2489) to ask…


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