Greensboro College checks out of its ‘inn’ on Market Street; owner plans to rent the rooms to students, young professionals

empty parking lot at what used to be inn at greensboro college

The Inn at Greensboro College is no longer needed, the college says.

Greensboro College is no longer housing students at the Inn at Greensboro College, the former motel on Market Street at Mendenhall.

Spokesman Lex Alexander said the college no longer needs the facility to accommodate all of its students who want to live on campus. The college’s lease on the building will expire in November.

The building’s owner, Abdul Abu-Hashem, is making maintenance repairs and preparing to rent the apartments to students and possibly young professionals. He hopes to begin advertising for new tenants in October, he said in a telephone conversation today.

“We’re going to make it as good as it was, even better,” he said.

Abu-Hashem operates several other apartment buildings in Greensboro and formerly owned the two Big City Pizza and Subs restaurants on Market Street downtown and Spring Garden Street west of the UNCG campus (updated per the Business Journal report cited in a comment below).

The college bought the 61-unit building in 2002 as part of an ambitious expansion plan. At the time the motel had a reputation as a fleabag occupied by drug dealers and prostitutes. The college’s purchase and extensive renovation removed a chronic problem and eyesore for College Hill and Westerwood.

Greensboro College suffered a financial crisis in 2009; its debt-reduction efforts included selling the building in 2011 to Abdul Brothers Investments. The college has leased the building since then. Last year, Abdul transferred ownership to another of his companies, Dalen Investment Group.

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2 Responses to Greensboro College checks out of its ‘inn’ on Market Street; owner plans to rent the rooms to students, young professionals

  1. David Arneke says:

    Updates from local newspapers that followed up this post:

    — The Business Journal reports that Mr. Abu-Hashem had reassuring words for anyone concerned about the future of the dorm, that apartments will rent for $475-$500 per month and that he has sold the two pizza restaurants. Link:

    — The News and Record reports that Greensboro College says the inn was only half full last year and that its three remaining dorms are 90% full now, compared to 60% last year for the three on-campus dorms plus the inn. Link:

    Also, a Westerwood resident active in neighborhood affairs told me his neighborhood is concerned about the future of the dorm. As are College Hill residents. There will be no shortage of people taking an interest in how things go there once it has tenants again.

  2. Terry Weaver says:

    My hope for these units is that they, indeed, serve as good apartments for students and young professionals. Please don’t let these become like they were before Greensboro College took over. and PLEASE do not allow them to become another Summit Avenue flea bag. Control your tenants Mr. Abdul and keep them safe for our College Hill and Westerwood neighbors and our students!

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