Notes: The warehouse on Lilly Street has been sold to UNCG; plus news of HPC projects and UNCG’s Performing Arts series

the warehouse at 812 lilly avenue, seen from the street

The warehouse at 812 Lilly Street will get a new and presumably quieter and more neighborly occupant.

The warehouse on Lilly Street that once housed noisy bad neighbor College Hill CrossFit has been bought by UNCG. The College of Performing Arts will use it to store sets, wardrobes and such for its productions. … The sale of the former Addams bookstore property is now scheduled to close in September. The buyer’s identity and plans remain a well-kept secret (we’ve tried). …

College Hill T-shirts will be for sale at the neighborhood association meeting next Monday, August 29, 7 p.m. at the Church of the Covenant. They’re just $15, and they look so good Wear Yours is showing one off in its window as an example of its work. …

Neighbors Rick and Susan Stone held a fund-raiser for son John, who is running for District Court judge in the November election. He faces incumbent Angela Foster. John is a crime-busting assistant prosecutor in the Guilford County DA’s office …

The UNCG University Performing Arts Series has announced its 2016-17 schedule. Highlights include the renowned Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis. And there’s a little something for all the John Philip Sousa fans out there, too. … The College Hill website calendar now includes links to the schedules for the performing arts series, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Weatherspoon Art Museum and the university as a whole. …

Historic Preservation Commission

Notes on recently approved projects: The Greensboro Primitive Baptist Church at Tate and Carr streets has replaced its deteriorating wooden front doors with metal doors. The new doors closely resemble the look of the previous ones. The building code now requires fire-resistant doors for institutional structures, which outweighed the historic district guidelines calling for wooden doors to be replaced with wood. …

The deteriorating slate roof on the old firehouse at 442 South Mendenhall Street has been replaced with shingles designed to resemble slate. … The tilting and crumbling stone wall at 110 South Mendenhall will be rebuilt with the original stones. Half of the cost, about $8,500, will come from the neighborhood’s MSD funds under the College Hill Street Wall Program. …

The owner of 706 Walker Avenue was ordered to plant two new tress to replace tress cut down last spring without city approval. The city arborist will recommend trees of an appropriate variety and size. …

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Neighborhood Watch notes: Students returning this week; unrelatedly, police seeing more thefts from storage buildings

Neighborhood Watch logoWith UNCG and Greensboro College about to begin their fall semesters, we can expect the usual uptick in criminals breaking into the cars and apartments of students … and anyone else who makes it easy for them. The best ways to avoid being victimized are to use common sense and don’t give thieves a reason to view your home or car as an easy target.

At home, never leave windows or doors unlocked, even when you’re there. Turn on your outdoor lights at night. When you’re not home, leave lights on indoors, too. Don’t leave anything valuable on your porch or in your yard. And when you leave for an extended period, stop your mail or have someone pick it up for you. Let your neighbors know when you’ll be gone for a while.

Don’t leave your car unlocked, either — day or night, not even for a few minutes. Leave nothing of value visible in your car, even spare change. Thieves don’t typically break into locked cars unless they see something to steal, but they do check doors and routinely enter unlocked cars to see what they can find.

Vehicle break-ins have become a problem all over Greensboro, and a neighborhood like ours, with a lot of young people too naive or irresponsible to lock their cars, draws opportunistic thieves year round.

Police warning on storage buildings

The Greensboro police said this week they’re seeing an increase in thefts from storage buildings. Their advice:

  • type of lock recommended for storage buildingsMake sure you use a lock.
  • Any lock is helpful, but ones designed for storage buildings are particularly good.  They’re round, as seen at right.
  • Record serial numbers of valuable tools or other items. It helps police identify an owner if stolen property is recovered.
  • Check the hasps on the doors, and make sure they’re not easy to defeat because the metal is too thin.
  • If you have an older shed or building, make sure the screws holding the door are not exposed to the outside, making them vulnerable to a simple screwdriver.
  • Motion-sensor lights can help determine whether someone is in your yard and possibly scare them off. But be careful about the sensitivity: If raccoons or stray cats set them off too often, no one will pay attention.
  • Wireless cameras do well for a makeshift security camera system, They may not prevent thefts, but they can help in an investigation if they can provide a good picture or if they can link your theft to another.


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Reminder: Credit union membership open to all in College Hill

GFMCU screenshotAll College Hill residents are eligible for membership in the Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union. This eligibility is extended to members of all neighborhood associations that belong to the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress. All College Hill residents (home owners and renters) and property owners are members of the College Hill Neighborhood Association.

The credit union has offices at 217 North Greene Street and 2200 Soabar Street. It has ATMs at the Elliott University Center at UNCG and 30 other locations in Greensboro. Members also can use surcharge-free CashPoints ATMs throughout North Carolina. There are more than 40 CashPoints locations in Greensboro, including the State Employees Credit Union office at Tate and Market streets.

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Tate Street loses its Indian restaurant for another sub place

Exterior of Munchiez Subz (or possibly Wingz) & Grill between Jimmy John's and CoffeeologyThere is no Indian restaurant on Tate Street for the first time in decades. Cafe Mirchi has dropped its Indian-Pakistani menu and become a place called Munchiez Subz & Grill. Or possibly Munchiez Wingz & Grill, which is the name being used on the Facebook page that was Cafe Mirchi’s.

“Hey this is our new business we have changed from Indian cuisine to subs and grill!” Taimoor Ahmed posted on the restaurant’s Google reviews page. The business reopened as Munchiez on August 5. It’s located between Jimmy John’s and Coffeeology on the east side of the street.

The location at 413 South Tate has been an Indian restaurant under a series of owners since at least the early 90s. Cafe Mirchi opened last September, taking over from India Palace.

The sub sandwich niche on Tate Street is, depending on your perspective, either robust or crowded. Subway has had a shop on Tate for more than 20 years, and Jimmy John’s has been there for 10 years or so. Manhattan Pizza and Subs and New York Pizza also have subs on their menus.

UPDATE per Kate’s comment below: Slices also has subs.

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Try, try again: A new Mexican restaurant will replace Los Cabos as burst of activity continues in the Tate Street business district

Picture of 948 Walker Avenue with new sign for Pedro's Taco HouseA worker on the upfit of the new Pedro’s Taco Shop says the restaurant should be open around the time classes start at UNCG on August 22. It will occupy the top floor of 948 Walker Avenue, former home of Los Cabos and, before that, La Carreta. Exterior signs went up late last week, and the parking lot (on top of the parking deck) was resurfaced this week.

Mexican food would seem like a natural business for Tate Street. The two previous restaurants, though, lasted for only a few years each before closing. There are any number of reasons why a new small business might close, of course, and restaurants especially. Here’s hoping Pedro has great food and figures out the puzzle of the restaurant business on Tate Street.

In the meantime, there’s no word on what, if anything, is happening downstairs at 948 Walker in the former University Laundries location. Tables, chairs and other items have been moved into the space, but no progress has been seen since that stuff arrived a few weeks ago.

The business district is staging a nice recovery from the slow-motion exodus of businesses over the past couple years (Addams bookstore, the leasing office for The Grove apartments, Los Cabos, Taste, Thai Garden, The Space, University Laundries). Four new businesses now have opened or have been announced this summer. They’re all restaurants or similar businesses (what category does the Smoothie King fit into?), again raising the longstanding question of how many eating places the business district can support.

The former Addams location is still under contract. What will become of the former movie theatre is expected to be announced soon, but no one is quite ready to talk about it yet.

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In memoriam: Dr. Mary Floyd, former College Hill neighbor

Former College Hill resident Mary Floyd passed away recently in Indianapolis. She was 75. The cause of death was cancer. Mary was a very private person and didn’t tell anyone about her illness. She died in June.

Mary lived at 917 Carr Street from 1991 to 2009. She was a good neighbor and a good friend. A professor emerita of history at UNCG, she taught at the school for 26 years. She specialized in Latin American history. After retiring, she returned to Indianapolis, her home town, to care for her mother, who died in February at age 95.

On Mary’s retirement in 2009, the university wrote:

As a teacher, Floyd always displayed an exemplary commitment to improving her students’ writing skills. She was also a pioneer in two important departmental initiatives. When the department launched a departmental advising system, Floyd took a leading role in making it successful. She also was among the first in the history department to develop online courses. Though many faculty members were hesitant to put the considerable up-front time required to develop an online course and were perhaps a bit intimidated by the technical aspects of online teaching, Floyd eagerly made the transition to this new method of delivering course content.

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On sale for the first time at tonight’s National Night Out party: The all-new, official College Hill Historic District T-shirt

The new College Hill T-shirtTonight’s National Night Out event will feature the debut of the new College Hill T-shirt. The vibrant garnet shirt with white logo is yours for just $15. Come in to College Hill Sundries to buy yours. The shirt was produced exclusively for the neighborhood association by our friends at Wear Yours on Tate Street.

Also available in limited quantities: The very popular College Hill coffee mug.

College Hill’s National Night Out will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the 500 block of South Mendenhall Street, with traffic blocked off from Morehead Avenue to Spring Garden Street.

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Crime statistics for College Hill over the past six months

Map showing location of assaults and robberies in last six months

Map showing location of assaults and robberies in last six months. Click for a larger version.

Map showing vehicle break-ins in the area of The Province. Click for a larger version.

Map showing vehicle break-ins in the area of The Province. Click for a larger version.

With National Night Out coming up tomorrow night, here are some statistics on crime in College Hill over the past six months (data from

The most prominent pattern in the data is the concentration of burglaries and vehicle break-ins at The Province. There were 10 burglaries in the neighborhood; five were at The Province. Of the 27 vehicle break-ins, 13 were at The Province, and nine more occurred within a block of the complex. The one vehicle theft reported also occurred at The Province.

Greensboro Police report that almost all vehicle break-ins occur when items of any value — even loose change — can be seen from outside. Reports of homeless people breaking into cars simply for change have become common, they say. The police give the same good advice that vehicle break-in victims have been ignoring for years: Always remove or hide items of any value, and always lock your vehicle’s doors.

Police reports are public record and to varying degrees are available online (Greensboro Police Department, UNCG Police).

Note: No murders or rapes (or other sexual assaults) were reported in College Hill within the past six months.

Assaults: 6

  • 900 block, Spring Garden Street: February 13, 12:45 a.m.
  • 300 block, South Tate Street: February 15, 6:30 p.m.
  • 700 block, Spring Garden Street: April 23, 1:12 a.m.
  • 600 block, Fulton Street: May 9, 2 p.m. (The Province, issue between roommates)
  • 300 block, South Tate Street: June 23, 2 a.m. (two New York Pizza customers)
  • 500 block, South Mendenhall: July 22, 8:30 p.m. (outside Firehouse Grocery)
  • UNCG campus: 10 assaults

Robberies: 2

  • 500 block, Houston Street, April 10, 8:30 p.m. (The Province)
  • 100 block, South Mendenhall Street, July 1, 2:43 a.m. (arrest made within minutes)
  • UNCG campus: 1 robbery

Burglaries: 10

  • The Province: 5
  • 900 block, Carr Street: 1
  • 800 block, West McGee: 1
  • 500 block, South Mendenhall: 1
  • 600 block, South Mendenhall: 1
  • 600 block, Walker Avenue: 1

Vehicle Break-Ins/Thefts: 27

  • The Province: 13*
  • 1000 block, West Market Street: 1
  • 800 block, West McGee Street: 2
  • Lilly Avenue @ South Mendenhall Street: 2*
  • 900 block, Morehead Avenue: 2*
  • 100 block, Odell Place: 1
  • 800 block, Spring Garden: 3*
  • 900 block, Spring Garden: 1*
  • 600 block, Walker Avenue: 1*
  • 900 block, Walker Avenue: 1
  • * Within one block of The Province: 9

Vandalism: 14

  • Auto: 10
  • Residence: 2
  • Other: 2

Auto Theft: 1

  • The Province: 1


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Join your neighbors in kicking August off at National Night Out; UNCG’s fall semester begins on Monday August 22

August calendar of events

National Night Out flyerAnd don’t forget the regular Tuesday events:

  • In*Spire Meditation group
    Tuesdays, noon, Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, 501 South Mendenhall Street, in the Sanctuary. The meditation period is less than an hour and is open to the public.
  • Noon at the ‘Spoon
    Second Tuesday each month, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Spring Garden Street at Tate Street, a 20-minute exploration of a new exhibition.
  • Taco Tuesday Beginners Bike Ride
    Tuesdays, rolling at 6:30 p.m., ReCycles, 908-A Spring Garden Street
    A social ride, an opportunity to meet new riders who wish to get outside and maybe work up to longer rides over the course of the summer. Initially, the ride will be averaging around 6-10 miles, no-drop, at a pace averaging around 10+, then building through the summer.  Afterward, the Bandito Burrito Food Truck is at South Mendenhall and Spring Garden on Tuesdays.
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Coming to Tate Street: Cookie shop and 4th pizza restaurant

Thai Garden restaurant with "For Lease" sign in window

Coming soon to Tate Street: Cookies and even more pizza

National Night Out flyerThe former Thai Garden location on Tate Street will be split in two for a cookie shop and the business district’s fourth pizza restaurant, The Business Journal has reported.

The Cottage Inn Pizza chain will open its first North Carolina store in two-thirds of the location. Some of its restaurants are open as late as 3 a.m.; others offer delivery as late as 4 a.m. It was founded in 1948 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and now operates more than 50 restaurants in Michigan and Ohio. It is expanding into Florida, South Carolina and Texas as well as North Carolina.

Cottage Inn will join New York Pizza, Slices and Manhattan Pizza and Subs on Tate Street.

Insomnia Cookies will open next door. The chain offers a variety of cookies, cookie cakes and ice cream. It delivers as well, typically from noon to 3 a.m. It has North Carolina locations in Boone, Chapel Hill, Greenville and Raleigh. The chain was founded in 2003 in Philadelphia and now has locations in most states east of the Mississippi.

On the other side of Tate Street, Smoothie King opened last week in the storefront formerly occupied by The Space and Maya Gallery.

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