College Hill notes: Two more properties under contract

Street view of 626 Joyner St.

626 Joyner Street is under contract after being for sale about four months

The old Addams bookstore location on Tate Street is apparently under contract. The “For Sale” sign is gone and surveyors’ flags have sprouted around the property. The listed price was $650,000; the one-time Victory Theatre has been up for sale since April 2015. … 626 Joyner Street is now under contract. The house was put on the market in March; listed price was $170,000. … There are now four houses under contract in College Hill. Six single-family homes are for sale. …

Good neighbor Turner Pinson of Walker Avenue helped West Virginians displaced by the terrible flooding by collecting enough food to just about fill a car. The food will be delivered this week. Thanks to the many neighbors who contributed. …

Historic Preservation Commission note: The matter of Winburn Court‘s long out-of-compliance dumpster on Edgar Street is expected to be on the August agenda for a public hearing. That meeting will be Wednesday August 31. …

Neighborhood Watch news

Be advised: Greensboro and UNCG police are zealously enforcing marijuana laws. There have been three arrests in College Hill on marijuana charges in the past month. There were at least 35 marijuana arrests on campus last semester. …

Greensboro police are warning players of the Pokemon Go game to stay aware of where they are and who is around them while outdoors playing the game. They remind players to play during the daytime or in well-lit areas, to avoid areas they don’t know and to play with others and not alone. …

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News to know from Tate Street, Walker Avenue and the ‘Spoon

A puzzling (to me, at least) illustration relating to the exhibition at the Weatherspoon

“Humorous and tense, systematic and chaotic— these seemingly mismatched descriptors capture the playful complexity of Alex Hubbard’s video works.” To be explained Tuesday at Noon at the ‘Spoon.

From the Tate Street business district: There’s activity in the former University Laundry location. Tables and chairs have been moved in and upfitting is under way. Oh boy — another restaurant. … Novelist Miriam Herrin of Walker Avenue was recently interviewed on Voice of America about her two novels, Absolution and A Stone for Bread. Click here to listen. …

Good neighbor Clara Kelly reunited a lost bicycle with its owner this week through the listserv. If you’re not on Nextdoor, click here to sign up. … Speaking of Nextdoor, the site has added a recommendations page listing providers of home-repair and other professional services. Since it’s new, there are relatively few listings so far. Any recommendations you can provide would be much appreciated. …

Noon @ the ‘Spoon next Tuesday: For this month’s 20-minute tour, Emily Stamey, curator of exhibitions, will talk about the current exhibition Single-Channel Catalyst: Alex Hubbard’s “Eat Your Friends” and Selections from the Collection. Noon at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. …

Three houses for sale in the neighborhood are now under contract: 306 South Mendenhall Street, the Orlo Epps House at 808 Walker Avenue and the sweet little 625 Joyner Street. …

June decisions from the Historic Preservation Commission: The owner of 706 Walker Avenue was ordered to replace within 120 days the two trees that were cut down on the property. The city arborist will recommend the size and species of the new trees. … The owner of 918 Carr Street violated the historic district guidelines by putting concrete over the front foundation of the house. Since the concrete can’t be removed without replacing the foundation, he was ordered to stain the concrete a brick-red or dark brown and plant shrubs in front of the foundation, with a six-month deadline.

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Welcome to July in College Hill

July calendar with College Hill events noted

… and remember, every Tuesday: the In*Spire meditation group and the Taco Tuesday Bike Ride.

For details, see the Calendar page.

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This week’s notes on life and real estate in College Hill

Where the former Aycock Auditorium sign was, the original name appears: "North Carolina College for Women Auditorium"

In case you haven’t noticed: Look what UNCG found under the “Aycock Auditorium” sign (click to embiggen).

Neighbors James and Amanda Keith have bought the stately mansion Double Oaks at 204 North Mendenhall. They plan to re-establish the turn-of-the-century, colonial revival house as a bed-and-breakfast by the end of the summer. …

There are rumblings from the city once again about paving Edgar Street. If you have any particular opinion about that possibility, please let the neighborhood association know by email. … Speaking of Edgar Street, the city has asked Winburn Court to bring its dumpster into compliance with city regulations. It needs a concrete pad under it, and it’s supposed to be shielded from view. …

Word on the street is that another of College Hill’s finer Mendenhall Street houses may come up for sale soon. … Disappointing real estate news: 817 Rankin Place, which sold very quickly for its asking price in the spring, is now a rental at $2,000/month. But at least it’s a high-end rental. Undergraduates need not apply: Renters must have a credit score over 600, verified income of at least $84,000 and no prior evictions. …

A lot of painting going on: 311 South Mendenhall now has an elegant shade of teal on the shingles under the gables. 715 Walker has a bright new paint job as well. … The new roof at 442 South Mendenhall is being installed. The old slate is crated up in the driveway; it will be repurposed. …

Neighborhood Watch note

Gunshots awoke neighbors in the area of the Tate Street business district last Tuesday, June 21. Around 4:45 a.m., a person was seen firing a gun in direction of New York Pizza. That person quickly got into a car and drove away toward Market Street. The police investigated; the report on the incident is not available from the police online system. One of our neighborhood police contacts is trying to find it for us. …

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Slow down on Tuesdays with a meditation group or bike ride … Plus sightings of little kids, Republicans and a raccoon …

Rabbit on sidewalk by chain-link fence

College-bound rabbit on McGee Street

A weekly meditation group will begin meeting this week, Tuesdays at noon at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant. The public is invited. For more information contact Lora Farlow or the church office, 336-275-6403. … Also every Tuesday, the Taco Tuesday Beginner Ride rolls out from Re:Cycles, 908 Spring Garden Street. It’s a social ride, averaging 6 to 10 miles, pace of 10+ or so, no-drop. …

Halloween came early on Carr Street. On Saturday afternoon, a little fellow had a Halloween-themed birthday party; Mom supplied neighbors with treats to give out. … That little guy, his brother and their gal pal up the street are giving Carr an old-fashioned neighborhood-with-kids vibe. …

Daytime animals seen in the neighborhood lately: rabbits on McGee Street at the college, a chipmunk defying death by racing across Carr and a raccoon at Morehead and Cedar. The Carr Street owls have been heard but not seen of late, and the Greensboro College woodchuck is laying real low right now (if he’s still around). …

Update on National Night Out: The People’s Perk and the Burrito Bandito will join College Hill Sundries in supporting the event. The coffee house will serve as the voter registration site, the bar will serve as party headquarters, and the food truck will serve burritos. …

N&R box with notice to readers, if any

Click to read their apology for any inconvenience.

Renovations on Carr Street: The long-empty house at 931 is getting a waaaaay overdue paint job, and a new porch floor has been put in right across the street at 928 by College Hill’s own DLM Builders. … Tate Street update: The Smoothie King‘s local representatives expect a July opening. … The News & Record has kissed off whatever remaining customers it had for its two boxes in College Hill. If you’re under 25, an old person can explain what newspaper boxes used to be for. …

College Hill results for the June 7 primary: 209 voters cast ballots, a pathetic 9% turnout (countywide turnout: a paltry 10%). … The neighborhood backed neither of the winning Congressional candidates — Republican nominee Ted Budd came in third here, and Democratic winner Bruce Davis came in fourth. … The 34 neighborhood R’s who voted went for Blust, 12; Henning, 6; Budd 4; and the other 12 votes were spread out across the other 14 candidates. … College Hill D’s backed Coker, 70; Ferguson, 35, Isner, 33; Davis, 19; other guy, 14. …

In the nominally nonpartisan Supreme Court race, Morgan led with 109 College Hill votes; Edmunds — conservative, hometown guy and incumbent — was second with 34 … the exact same number as the total number of R’s who showed up. … They’ll run against each other in November.

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A few things you need to know about College Hill right now … including news of babies, chickens, churches and more …

National Night Out logoA few short items worth knowing about College Hill, delivered via the venerable but vanishing journalistic device known as a three-dot column:

Save the date: National Night Out is Tuesday August 2, and what better place to hold the official College Hill event than College Hill Sundries. … The neighborhood’s population increased by two on March 2, when the twin son and daughter of Marjorie Bagley and Ian Beatty were born. …

Hold these dates, too: The Weatherspoon’s annual Summer Solstice Party will be Friday the 24th and the dual Matisse exhibits (this one and that one) open on the 25th. … The College Hill poultry census: Chickens are roosting in three backyards, one each on Spring Garden Street, Tate Street and Walker Avenue. (Are we missing anyone?) Greensboro poultry farmers are limited to four chickens and no roosters. …

A major thank-you to our neighbors who spent two very long days working at our polling location for this spring’s primaries — Virginia Haskett, Judy Horn, Clara Kelly and Terry Weaver. And Liz Pinson, who facilitated the use of the Associated Campus Ministries building as the polling place at UNCG. … The Board of Elections is seeking representation from the neighborhood’s Republicans for the polls. So far, no one has stepped up. …

Smoothie King logoPresbyterian Church of the Covenant is seeking practicing meditators to facilitate a weekly meditation. Sessions will be held each Tuesday at noon. If you can help out, send an email to Lora Farlow. … Upfitting for the new Smoothie King shop is well under way on Tate Street, next to Wear Yours.  … You got the word about the Spartan Open Pantry needing food donations, right? …

More about food: College Place UMC is holding an ice cream social Friday June 24, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sugar-free options will be available. … The 70-year-old slate roof on the old firehouse at 442 South Mendenhall is way past its expiration date and will be replaced with shingles that simulate slate. It’s one of the historic district’s few remaining slate roofs, but the HPC recognizes that the real thing is now colossally expensive, in many cases impossibly expensive. …

The police say car break-ins are increasing all over Greensboro, and College Hill is no exception. Do what you know you should be doing: Always lock your car (yes, always) and never leave anything valuable where it can be seen. … The neighborhood association board meets next on Monday June 27. Special location: Tate Street Coffee House.

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UNCG’s Spartan Open Pantry needs summer food donations

Spartan Open Pantry logoThe Spartan Open Pantry needs food donations this summer to help offset lower contributions from the UNCG community while the university isn’t in session. The pantry provides food to UNCG students and staff who need assistance.

Donations can be dropped off during the day Monday through Friday at the lobby of the Associated Campus Ministries building at the corner of Stirling Street and Walker Avenue on campus.

“From assistance for students who need a little help at the end of the month, to homeless students and families who depend on the pantry for complete support, the SOP assists our neighbors who need a hand,” the program’s website says.

Items that are consistently needed include:

  • Canned fruit;
  • Peanut butter;
  • Jelly;
  • Pasta sauce and noodles;
  • And canned tuna, canned chicken, other canned meats.

The pantry also can receive fresh produce. The organizers ask that no green beans or corn be donated.

The Spartan Open Pantry is overseen by Wesley-Luther, the campus ministry of the United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.If you have questions or need further information, contact Emily Saine of Wesley-Luther. It is part of a larger program of care at UNCG, coordinated by the Dean of Students Office.

Our thanks to Carol Taylor of College Place UMC for spreading the word about this.

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Primaries on Tuesday for Congress and N.C. Supreme Court

"Your Vote Counts" graphicRemember: College Hill is now in District 13 for the U.S. House of Representatives. Both parties have primaries for that seat tomorrow, June 7 (polling location).

Also, there’s a very important primary for the N.C. Supreme Court (details here).

In the 13th District, there are five Democrats and 17 Republicans running for their parties’ nominations to run in the fall. Here are their websites, with a slogan or representative quote (please note that grammatical mistakes, etc., are copied verbatim from websites).

If you don’t care to look at all the websites, do read the quotes below. Many are quite remarkable.

  • Adam Coker (D) 
    Filmmaker, photographer, businessman
    “Reviving the American Dream”
  • Bruce Davis (D) 
    Child care center owner, former Guilford County commissioner
    “I served our country and community as a marine, county commissioner, philanthropist and businessman. Now I am ready to serve you in Washington.”
  • Mazie Ferguson (D) 
    Attorney, Former pastor
    “Mazie Ferguson has worked all her adult life to make life better for working families. An activist for the rights of poor and working families, she has served as a teacher, pastor and theologian while playing an active role in many labor disputes.”
  • Kevin Griffin (D) 
    Businessman, living-wage activist
    “I’m something new. I’m not a politician trying to work my way up the ladder.  I’ve never held a political office before.  What I am is a new opportunity. A new voice, with new ideas and approaches to solving our problems.”
  • Bob Isner (D) 
    Real estate developer, civil engineer
    “I am running for the United States congress in the newly formed 13th district as a moderate, pragmatic voice for our future.”
  • Dan Barrett (R) 
    Davie County commissioner, attorney
    “Repeal Obama Care. Create jobs. Keep America Safe.”
  • John Blust (R)
    State representative, attorney
    “A Courageous Conservative Willing to Take a Stand”
  • Andrew Brock (R) 
    State senator
    “Join my crusade in the fight to change Washington DC!”
  • Ted Budd (R) 
    Gun range owner, agricultural investor
    “Fiscal responsibility. Protect freedom. Help families thrive. Take on establishment.”
  • Kay Daly (R) 
    Political consultant, former congressional aide
    “Kay Daly is the only NC-13 candidate who endorsed Cruz for President, publicly opposed the election of Boehner & Ryan as Speaker, and is less PC than Trump!”
  • Kathy Feather (R) 
    Hospital lactation consultant, former librarian
    “A refreshing voice for the people”
  • Chad Gant (R)
     Recent law school graduate
    “Christian, Conservative, American”
  • Hank Henning (R) 
    Guilford County commissioner, account manager
    “The Conservative With Grit”
  • Julia Howard (R) 
    State representative, Realtor, appraiser
    “As President Obama continues to push a radical agenda that undermines our civil liberties and takes our economy in the wrong direction, me and my Republican colleagues are working harder than ever to stop him.” 
  • Matt McCall (R) 
    Iredell County register of deeds, Iredell County GOP chair, ex-insurance agent
    “In Congress, McCall will fight every day to move our country in the right direction and be accountable to you, by reducing out of control government spending, paying off our national debt and fighting for conservative values.”
  • Vernon Robinson (R)
    Ex-Winston-Salem City Council member
    “Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of firing a fully-automatic submachine gun? Perhaps your trigger-finger is itching to fire one again? Either way, you’re in luck! Vernon Robinson, conservative candidate in NC’s new 13th district, is hosting another Machine Gun Social fundraiser, and you and your friends are invited.”
  • George Rouco (R) 
     Attorney, ex-CIA agent, ex-businessman
    “Integrity, Leadership, Service”
  • Farren K. Shoaf (R) 
     Real estate broker, auctioneer, radio station owner
    “A citizen, not a politician”
  • Jim Snyder (R) 
     Davidson County criminal defense lawyer
    Apparently does not have a campaign website.
  • David Thompson (R)
    As far as I can tell, his website doesn’t give an occupation (but he’s not the former basketball player).
    “Elect a local that cares about the past, present and future of his hometown”
    (Note: His hometown is Mooresville.)
  • Jason Walser (R) 
    Executive director, Central N.C. Land Trust
    “No More DO NOTHING CONGRESS. Let’s Get to Work!”
  • Harry Warren (R) 
    State representative, businessman
    “Our country is in trouble. Years of unprincipled leadership by elite circles of establishment politicians from both political parties has finally positioned our magnificent country at the very brink of financial, systemic and moral collapse.”


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Many summer events and an election coming up in June

June 2016 calendar with events listed by dayOnce we get beyond the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we’ll begin a new month with a remarkable number of events in the neighborhood and nearby. These in particular are worth being aware of:

  • Saturday June 4, the annual June Jubilee, an event for Greensboro’s three historic districts, will be held in Fisher Park.
  • Sunday June 5, Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park begins its season with a concert on the lawn at Blandwood. It’s the only MUSEP event near College Hill this year.
  • Tuesday June 5, the primary election for U.S. Congress and one seat on the N.C. Supreme Court. College Hill, aka Precinct 44, is now in U.S. House District 13. Click here for the helpful voter guide from Common Cause.
  • Big things happening at the Weatherspoon: Sunday June 12 is the final day for the DeKooning exhibit, the Summer Solstice party is Friday June 24, and a pair of Matisse exhibits open on Saturday June 25 (details on one here and the other here).

For details, see the Calendar page.

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Block captains needed for revival of Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch logoThe College Hill Neighborhood Watch is being brought back to life. Please join us in making the Neighborhood Watch a valuable contributor to the neighborhood’s quality of life once again.

Our first step is to recruit and organize block captains throughout the neighborhood. If you’re willing to take a more active role in maintaining the safety of our neighborhood, you’ll find the time and effort required are minor, and the benefit to your neighbors will be great. This is what we ask of block captains:

— Take the initiative to report any suspicious activity you see. Report it to the police if it’s an immediate problem; contact me if it’s a non-immediate problem.

— Encourage your neighbors to sign up for the College Hill Nextdoor listserv to receive public safety information directly from the police and the Neighborhood Watch.

— Ask your neighbors to tell you about any non-immediate suspicious activity, public safety problems or concerns they have (and to call 911 for any immediate concerns). And then you contact me so we can work with the police or property owners to resolve them.

I don’t foresee that we’ll be holding regular meetings, so there’s no time commitment of that sort.

We’re seeking block captains for each block of the neighborhood, plus McIver Square, Wafco Mill and the Wafco townhouses. Please let me know by Monday May 9 if you’re willing to invest the small amount of time and effort needed to help maintain the safety of College Hill. And if you have any questions or need any further information, please contact me.


David Arneke (click here for email)

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