Spring Garden Street to be closed much longer than expected

view toward college hill from under the eugene street overpass on spring garden street

Spring Garden Street was closed between Spring Street and downtown in September for work on the overpass bridges for Spring Street and Freeman Mill Road. The city said then the work would be completed by the end of the year. Now they’re saying the bridges were in worse shape than expected, and Spring Garden Street will remain blocked indefinitely.

Specifics are unavailable (I asked Amanda Lehmert, one of the city’s PR people, to check on the status of the project, and GDOT wouldn’t even respond to her). But Lehmert was able to report that Spring Garden will be closed much longer than expected and why.

In other city construction news, replacement of the pedestrian bridges on the Lake Daniel Greenway also is taking longer than expected. One of the replacement bridges is open (the one closer to Lake Daniel Park). The other, the one closer to the traffic circle, requires new piers and will take considerably longer. Replacement of the two bridges was to be a two-month project completed in December.

spring garden street blocked at spring street

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