Support your neighborhood business owners and professionals

College Hill residents are a diverse group, and the business owners and independent professionals in the neighborhood are quite a varied group in their own right. Here’s a list of neighbors who operate their own businesses. Buying local is always a good idea, and it’s never been more important than it is now. Buying hyper-local from our own neighbors is even better.

Who’s missing? This list is a starting point, no doubt incomplete. If you’re a business owner or independent professional who isn’t included yet — or if you know of one — please tell us!

[Update 1: La Belle Skin by Katrina has been added]
[Update 2: Black Magnolia Southern Patisserie added]

For future reference, this list has been added to a new page on the website. Click here.

Black Magnolia Southern Patisserie

Veneé Pawlowski


Jeff McCarthy

DLM Builders

David Millsaps

Gate City Preservation

Samantha Smith

Miriam Herin, novelist (Amazon)

KB’s Pottery

Kim Burroughs

La Bella Skin by Katrina

Katrina Guilford-Hayes

Linkfish Media

Julie Joyce and Jay Thomas

Martin Meliton Piano Duo (YouTube)

Elena Martin and Jose Meliton

Ian McDowell, journalist and author (Amazon)

Music Across the Water (Amazon)

Dan and Samantha Smith

Arlen Nicolls, Realtor

Oden Brewing

Jan Oden

Win-Win Remodeling

Eric Crouse

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