City shuts down Walker Avenue nightclub in response to neighbors’ complaints; business says it will reopen

948 Walker Avenue

The City of Greensboro announced today it has shut down The Lost Diamond nightclub on Walker Avenue. Neighbors had complained about gunshots and loud noise. The business opened recently upstairs at 948 Walker Avenue. The space has had a steady turnover of businesses in recent years, most recently Pedro’s Taco Shop and Old San Juan Bar & Grill.

City inspectors found the business was operating illegally as a nightclub. It had been permitted as a restaurant. In response, the business has stated on Instagram that it will reopen, not acknowledging the permitting violation:

The city’s announcement:

Inspections Find Business Illegally Operating as Nightclub

The business has been closed following complaints of loud noises, sounds of gunshots, disturbances, and increased traffic.

Post Date: 06/06/2024 8:43 AM

The Lost Diamond, a newly permitted restaurant at 948 Walker Ave. operating as a nightclub, has been officially closed following complaints of loud noises, sounds of gunshots, disturbances, and increased traffic.

City notice on door: "DO NOT ENTER OR OCCUPY"After Greensboro City Council members and the City Manager’s Office received complaints about this establishment, the Greensboro Fire Department conducted a fire inspection at the establishment on June 4. It was determined that the business was not in compliance with its permitting. An inspection by Greensboro police officers, serving as members of the ABC Task Force, operating under the Greensboro ABC Board, did confirm it was in compliance with ABC laws.

Upon arrival, those conducting the inspections heard music and observed the business operating as a nightclub. The applicant was approved as a ‘restaurant’ with ‘no hookah.’

The fire department and the City’s zoning enforcement team immediately closed the establishment. Zoning will issue a notice of violations for illegal use (proximity to residential) and new use without proper permitting. The business will be closed until the operators return to the original use as a ‘restaurant’ or a change of use is granted.

Agencies involved in this case also included UNCG Police and Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE).

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