Latest draft of College Hill neighborhood plan, to be discussed at Monday’s neighborhood association meeting

Cover page of draft neighborhood planFrom neighborhood planner Jeff Sovich:

A major revision of the draft College Hill Neighborhood Plan has been added for your review and discussion!

College Hill Neighborhood Plan Revised Draft, 04-25-14

This is not a final version, but it includes significant updates and revisions from the previous draft (November, 2009).  Additional updates and revisions will be made frequently over the coming weeks (which I’ll be posting on the website and sending to you).  Here is a list of some of the major additional upcoming edits that will be made:

  • Add map of Existing Land Use
  • Add map of Code Compliance Activity
  • Add map of Pedestrian Environment
  • Add charts / update tables of demographic data
  • Finalize document organizational structure
  • Prioritize, and identify key actors for, Strategic Actions in Chapter 4
  • Add illustrative photos

I am very much looking forward to talking with all of you about this draft, and the home stretch of the planning process, during the CHNA meeting on Monday evening!

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