Precinct G44 election results

Our precinct’s results were generally in line with the overall results in yesterday’s primary election. Turnout in the precinct was pathetic, 8.5 percent.

Democrats overwhelmingly supported U.S. Sen. Kay Hagen, 121 to a total of 13 for her two opponents. In the primary for the 6th Congressional District, Laura Fjeld of Chapel Hill easily topped Bruce Davis, Guilford County commissioner, 87-41.

College Hill voters backed incumbent N.C. State Sen. Gladys Robinson over Skip Alston, 99-32. In one race where our precinct didn’t follow the overall results, the open District 58 seat in the state House, Democrats supported Dan Koenig over C. Ralph Johnson and Kerry Graves, 63-24-23. Overall, Johnson won with 42 percent, followed by Graves and Koenig.

For the nomination for at-large seat on the Guilford Board of Commissioners, our longtime district representative, Kay Cashion, outpolled Kirk Perkins, 94-28.

In the hotly contested nonpartisan state Supreme Court race, the precinct went strongly for incumbent Robin Hudson over Eric Levinson and Jeanette Doran, 92-48-27. Hudson and Levinson will meet in a runoff election on July 15.

In the Republican primary for the 6th Congressional District, our city Council representative, Zack Matheny, narrowly failed to carry the precinct, receiving 13 votes, compared to 15 for Phil Berger Jr. Berger and Mark Walker face a runoff in that race. In the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate, the precinct easily went for state Sen. Thom Tillis, who won the nomination to face Sen. Hagan in November.

Precinct G44

  • Total registered voters: 2,178
  • Total ballots cast: 186
  • Voter turnout: 8.53% for G44, 15% for Guilford County, 14% for the state
  • Democratic voters: 137
  • Republican voters: 47
  • Libertarian voters: 2
  • Nonpartisan ballots cast: 2
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