912 Spring Garden Street: The owners didn’t exactly hold out to get their asking price (or anything near it)

912 Spring Garden StreetThere must be a sad story behind the sale of 912 Spring Garden Street. Consider:

  • Last Sold: June 2010 for $170,000
  • Listed for sale: April 9, $195,000
  • Offer accepted: April 30, $135,000
  • Sale closed: May 30

Actually, those numbers are a pretty sad story themselves. The owners took a $35,000 loss on the property after listing it for three weeks. They accepted an offer 30% less than their asking price. Who knows why, but with figures like those, the answer probably is not, “Because life is so wonderful.”

The owners apparently were Robert K. and Heather Thatcher; property records showed a Browns Summit address. It appeared to be a rental, and it seems likely to remain such. The last occupants appeared to be moving out the day after the big ice storm in March. It seems like everyone concerned was in one hell of a hurry to get away from the place.

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