A note to Realtors and prospective College Hill home buyers about buying property in Greensboro’s historic districts

306 S. Mendenhall St.

306 South Mendenhall Street

Welcome to College Hill! Thanks for your interest in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood association of residents and property owners is committed to improving the quality of life and historic character of the neighborhood. If we can answer any questions about the neighborhood or the historic district, please let us know.

f Historic District Manual and Design GuidelinesEven though College Hill has been a historic district for more than 35 years, the Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission and the city Planning Department still occasionally hear from newcomers who say they have no idea that property ownership in historic districts carries responsibilities not found in other neighborhoods. Please understand that:

  • Homes in College Hill and the city’s two other historic districts are under all the same regulations as homes in the rest of the city. For example, no more than four unrelated individuals can occupy a single residential unit, and parking is prohibited in front yards.
  • In addition, exterior renovations must comply with the city’s Historic District Manual and Design Guidelines. Before work can begin, most projects require a certificate of appropriateness approved by the city historic preservation staff (for small-scale and routine projects) or the Historic Preservation Commission, which meets monthly.
  • To maintain the historic character of College Hill and Greensboro’s two other historic districts, the guidelines rule out some relatively modern exterior renovations that are taken for granted in other neighborhoods. For example, the replacement of wood siding or exterior doors with aluminum or vinyl is considered inappropriate for homes in the historic districts. Also, the division of single-family houses into apartments is not allowed.
  • Projects requiring prior approval include placement of satellite dishes, replacement of windows, adding or expanding parking areas and walkways, and cutting down trees that are at least 4 inches in diameter at breast height.
  • Projects that do not require approval include interior renovations, exterior paint colors, and repairs in which there is no change in materials or design.

The historic designation of College Hill in 1980 has increased property values greatly. The neighborhood has improved dramatically in every way thanks to the commitment of property owners and the city to maintain College Hill’s historic character. We look forward to new neighbors joining us.

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2 Responses to A note to Realtors and prospective College Hill home buyers about buying property in Greensboro’s historic districts

  1. Terry Weaver says:

    Thank you so much for this information, David. I am so happy to see this in print. I hope that current rental owners in College Hill have this message.

  2. Terry Weaver says:

    KThank you so much for this, DAvid. It was needed badly. We should make sure that current owners of rental properties have this information also!

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