Voter information for the elections on Tuesday November 6: Congress, Legislature, judges and constitutional amendments

three women sitting at a table in front of the beautifully restored 919 Spring Garden Street

UNCG students and others walking on Spring Garden Street had easy access to voter information Tuesday morning. Susan Stone, Cathy Cordero and Betty Best (left to right) were distributing information on the election, including the highly controversial amendments to the state Constitution proposed by the state Legislature.

With a week left before the November 6 elections, there’s still plenty of time to learn about the issues, vote early or make your plans to get to your polling place next Tuesday.

Our precinct’s voting location is the Reynolds Center (the former YMCA), 1015 W. Market Street, at the corner of Tate and Market streets. College Hill’s district information for various offices on the ballot:

Voter guides produced by various partisan organizations:

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