From the mean streets of College Hill: News, warnings and coming soon to Tate Street: dumplings

Warning No. 1: Risk of bottoming out on Tate Street

a white car sits across a sidewalk avfter bottomong out while trying to enter alley off tate street

The alleyway running from the 100 block of Tate Street to McIver looks innocent enough, but when entering from Tate Street, watch out. This car bottomed out on the sidewalk Friday morning, requiring a tow truck to rescue it. The driver said he had driven up from McIver before and gotten out onto to Tate with no problem. He wasn’t the first driver this has happened to. Don’t take anything for granted there.

News from Tate Street: A non-pizza restaurant is coming

storefront with sign reading, "Coming Soon! May Way Dumplings"

It turns out there actually is one type of restaurant that hasn’t been tried on Tate Street: dumplings. The upfitting of the former University Laundry location, next to China Wok, appears to be nearly complete for the opening of May Way Dumplings. The restaurant looks to be a Greensboro location for a shop in Winston-Salem’s Reynolda Village.

For a limited time only: The ’60s come back to the Weatherspoon

pop-art portraits of james brown and others

“Boisterous prints by Robert Stanley, printed in bright colors on Day-Glo paper, glorify some of the important musical icons of the decade: the Beatles, James Brown, Dionne Warwick, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, and the Shirelles.”

The Weatherspoon’s contribution to UNCG’s yearlong look at the 1960s is a lively exhibition featuring a large sample of the museum’s collection of works by Andy Warhol,┬áDiane Arbus and Larry Clark, Roy Lichtenstein, and┬áRobert Rauschenberg, among others. “1960s: A Survey of the Decade” will be up until February 17, and it’s a terrific example of why the WAM is considered one of the leading museums of modern and contemporary art in the Southeast. A separate exhibit features Warhol’s prints, Polaroids and photographs, also from the museum’s collection.

Another current exhibition, “Dread & Delight: Fairy Tales in an Anxious World,” also is worth a long look.

Warning No. 2: Parking tickets are no joke

pickup truck with not one but two Denver boots on it

The dreaded Denver boot on South Mendenhall Street on Friday

parking ticket crumpled up on the ground

Someone’s asking for it.

It’s not too unusual to see a car get the boot for unpaid parking tickets, but this scofflaw apparently had enough to merit the parking-enforcement version of double-secret probation.

Be advised: There aren’t enough parking-enforcement officers to ticket every culprit, but they do come around reasonably often. And when they’ve had enough of you, they will boot you.


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