News from Tate Street: ‘Uncle Pete’ passes away; an Easter Egg hunt is planned; and a vulture wants sushi

All the news in College Hill over the past week or so involves Tate Street:

headshot of Uncle PeteUncle Pete passes away

The longtime Tate Street figure known as Uncle Pete has died. Pete and his pal Ricky were familiar fellows on the street for years.

“Pete (and Ricky) has been a Tate St regular for years and are known to a lot of people who went to UNCG or just spent a lot of time in that area,” a message on the r/GSO Reddit page says.

“If you didn’t know his name you’ve probably given him a cig or some change. He was just a good dude, super friendly, and looked out for the kids. He wouldn’t hold it against you if you didn’t have anything to give him, and he was happy to give what he could.”

A number of people recalled how protective he was of the younger residents of the neighborhood. “Used to live on Walker Ave in a house with a bunch of girls,” another post says. “I’ll never forget Pete telling us to ‘yell real loud’ for him if anyone ever bothered us.”

“I used to live on Walker with 3 other girls in our early 20s,” a similar post reads. “Pete would always come by to check on us, hang out a bit and run off anyone who stopped by that he considered of lesser character. He was a good guy.”

A Go Fund Me campaign has been started to raise money for a funeral; as of midday Sunday, it had raised $3,560. “Pete doesn’t really have much family that are able to do anything to help and the GoFundMe is going to be used to help offset the costs of his cremation/Urn and provide a public memorial service somewhere out in the open so that all who want to attend are able to attend,” another Reddit message says.

Easter Egg hunt on Saturday April 13

Tate Street merchants are sponsoring an East Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 13, starting at noon at Boba House. Prizes will be provided by Boba House, Sisters Jewelry and Gifts and Tate Street Coffee House. There will be different levels of difficulty, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

a vulture sits atop Sushi Republic



A vulture visits Sushi Republic

A vulture was spotted at Sushi Republic last Sunday, possibly one of the two spotted in March just a few houses away. Sorry, guy — closed on Sunday! They’ve also been spotted in a backyard on Walker Avenue near Fulton Street.

vulture takes flight over tate street

and away it goes

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