This month at the HPC: A COA application for new fencing, a retaining wall and more at 301 N. Mendenhall Street

two-story house on a corner with gray asbestos-shingle siding

301 S. Mendenhall Street

Update: The application was continued until the July meeting to get more detailed information.

The Historic Preservation Commission will hold a public hearing this month on one request for a certificate of appropriateness in College Hill. The meeting will be held Wednesday June 28, 4 p.m., in the Plaza Level Conference Room of the Melvin Municipal Building.

The College Hill Neighborhood Association will discuss the application at its meeting Monday June 26, 7 p.m., to be held online (Zoom details are the right side of the page).

The application is from Lyudmila Dmitriyeva for work at 301 N. Mendenhall Street. She requests to build a short retaining wall on the north side of the property, along Odell Place; to build fencing along the front and rear of the property to match the fences at neighboring 303 S. Mendenhall; to take down a chimney on the back of the house; and to add heating/air conditioning units for each apartment, apparently mini-split systems, though the type of units isn’t specified.

Click here for the complete application.

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