College Hill Neighborhood Assn to Meet at 7 p.m., Feb 23

The College Hill Neighborhood Association will meet Monday, Feb. 23 , 2015 at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of the Church of the Covenant Presbyterian Church on South Mendenhall Street. All College Hill residents are welcome to attend.  The full agenda is still under development and will be available at the meeting. A link to minutes from the January meeting is below.

At the February meeting of the College Hill Neighborhood Association, the annual election of eleven board members will take place. The residents who have agreed to serve on the 2015-16 board are as follows: David Arneke, Marjorie Bagley, Dan Curry, Daniel Foil, Dave Hemm, Judy Horn, Larry Horn, Amanda Keith, James Keith, Clara Kelly, and Cindy Sheppard. Prior to the vote, there will be a call for nominations from the floor so any other College Hill resident who would like to be considered may nominate himself/herself. 





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