Spring Garden Street reopens after overpass repair project; bridge work complete on Tate and Fulton streets as well

bridges over spring garden street
Spring Garden Street at Morehead Park, reopened on Friday May 8

Spring Garden Street was reopened Friday, seven months after being closed for repairs to the Edgeworth and Spring street overpass bridges. The city closed the street at Morehead Park around October 1 for what was scheduled to be a 90-day project.

The murals on the overpass piers were largely wiped out by the repair work. Action Greensboro says it plans to restore the work, called ColorHaus. (Action Greensboro photo)

Fortunately for the relative few drivers still motoring around the neighborhood these days, bridge projects on Tate and Fulton Streets were completed in a more timely manner (about a week in both cases). Both bridges have been cleaned up and painted after being ignored for decades.

The Tate Street bridge got a coat of Spartan blue and gold.
Railroad bridge over Fulton Street
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