Reminder: New recycling rules in effect

graphic: new recycling rules

The city reminds us that under the new recycling rules:

  • No glass is allowed in the biweekly recycling pickup at the curb. There are four drop-off locations where you can leave glass recyclables (listed above).
  • Metal recycling is limited to food and drink cans only.
  • No shredded paper is accepted.

The College Hill Neighborhood Association is working with Greensboro College and the city to establish a glass recycling drop-off location in the neighborhood. We’ll let you know when that facility is established.

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The last of College Hill’s originally African American-owned homes is sold for the first time

1110 w. mcgee under renovation seen from the street

1110 W. McGee Street, the Booker-Benton House, built in 1923

1110 W. McGee Street has been sold for the first time since it was built in 1923. The Booker-Benton House is one of just two pre-1980’s houses left on the block. The area was once a rare African-American neighborhood in otherwise all-white west Greensboro.

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Nationally known minister and writer to be installed on Sunday as Church of the Covenant’s new pastor, and we’re all invited

headshot of mark sandlinThe Presbyterian Church of the Covenant will install its new pastor, the Rev. Mark Sandlin, next Sunday. The neighborhood is invited to attend the service, which will begin at 2 p.m. A reception will follow at 3 p.m.

Sandlin is a co-founder of The Christian Left website. He blogs at He also has written for and Sojourners, among others.

Sandlin has been serving as PCOC’s interim pastor since December 2015. He received his M. Div. from Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity. He holds undergraduate degrees in business administration and English.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog post, “The Overprivileged Judgement of John 3:16,” that provides an example of his views:

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College Hill news in photos: Beautification volunteers needed, a vulture goes to church and more comings and goings

College Hill sign with well-tended flower bed

The neighborhood sign at McGee and Spring streets has been revived by volunteers, led by Beth Langlois (photo courtesy of Jack Whebb).

Beautification projects scheduled

The College Hill beautification team has scheduled work days for the next two Sunday afternoons, April 28 and May 5, noon to 3 p.m. both days. Volunteers — and anyone can volunteer, especially you — will meet at the pergola at Mendenhall and Walker. Projects include removing the hedge across the street from the pergola and tending some of the flower beds that need attention. Click here for more information.

steel being erected for new school of nursing building

The newest building on the UNCG campus is going up right next to the oldest.

New School of Nursing is coming up

Construction began in January 2018, and now steel is rising on the site of the new UNCG School of Nursing. The demolition of the McIver Building revealed a surprise — 9,000 cubic yards of granite that had to be moved. Completion has been pushed back to spring 2021 from the original fall 2020 date.

former cottage inn location with "for lease" sign in window

Are four enough? With Cottage Inn closed, Tate Street is down to New York Pizza, Slices, Sam’s Oven and Grill, and Manhattan Pizza and Subs for pizza.

So long, again, Cottage Inn

The Cottage Inn pizza restaurant on Tate Street has closed again. It originally opened early in 2018 and closed by summer. It eventually reopened and now is closed again. It’s almost as if there are too many pizza places on Tate Street.

storefront church being painted

The nondenominational tabernacle with its painting in progress

Paint job for storefront church

The gloriously named Power for Living Tabernacle Church on South Mendenhall Street has gotten a new coat of paint in a new color.

vulture spreads its wings atop the College Place UMC tower

A moment of peace and quiet before the crows arrive

A vulture visits the Methodists

One of our friendly neighborhood vultures stopped by College Place UMC this week. All it wanted was to stretch its wings for a moment, but it was quickly driven away by a murder of crows.

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What to do about Edgar Street: Issue is on Monday’s agenda for the College Hill Neighborhood Association

gravel street with potholes filled with rainwater

A quiet moment on Edgar Street after a rainstorm

The issue of paving Edgar Street has come up periodically over the years. Back in the ’80s, city crews showed up without warning one day with asphalt trucks and road graders in tow, ready to pave the old alley. It’s said that two neighborhood residents stood in the way and wouldn’t move until the city backed down.

The issue has surfaced again and will be taken up at Monday’s meeting of the College Hill Neighborhood Association (7 p.m., Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, 501 S. Mendenhall Street — enter through the door marked “Fellowship Hall” on Mendenhall). The neighborhood will hear from Mike Mabe, street maintenance manager for the city’s Field Operations Department, on the issues surrounding the possible paving of the street.

The reasons for paving Edgar are obvious — heavy rains leave huge ruts and potholes; dry spells lead to cars stirring up clouds of dust. But any potential plan to pave Edgar would have to address some other long-standing problems.

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Architectural Salvage visits McIver Street, hauls away 5,500 pounds of doors, windows and other reusable materials

old house with two front porches, one on the first floor and one on the second

115 McIver, built in 1919, must have been a grand house back when homes lined both sides of the street and extended all the way to Walker Avenue.

UNCG soon will tear down three of the McIver Street houses that it owns. Before the wrecking crew arrives, the school allowed Architectural Salvage of Greensboro to go in and take out dozens of doors, windows, radiators and radiator covers, push-button light switches, molding, built-in bookcases and other parts of the houses that can be reused. ASG volunteers removed and hauled away some 5,500 pounds of materials that will be sold for homeowners and builders to use in renovations of other older homes.

Volunteers spent three days in the houses last week. 111 McIver was a nice little 1940 bungalow in its day. 113 McIver had so much mold and mildew inside that just walking into the place took an act of courage. 115 McIver, with its double front porches, was the grandest of the three but had long ago slipped into decay as a rental property.

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News from Tate Street: ‘Uncle Pete’ passes away; an Easter Egg hunt is planned; and a vulture wants sushi

All the news in College Hill over the past week or so involves Tate Street:

headshot of Uncle PeteUncle Pete passes away

The longtime Tate Street figure known as Uncle Pete has died. Pete and his pal Ricky were familiar fellows on the street for years.

“Pete (and Ricky) has been a Tate St regular for years and are known to a lot of people who went to UNCG or just spent a lot of time in that area,” a message on the r/GSO Reddit page says.

“If you didn’t know his name you’ve probably given him a cig or some change. He was just a good dude, super friendly, and looked out for the kids. He wouldn’t hold it against you if you didn’t have anything to give him, and he was happy to give what he could.”

A number of people recalled how protective he was of the younger residents of the neighborhood. “Used to live on Walker Ave in a house with a bunch of girls,” another post says. “I’ll never forget Pete telling us to ‘yell real loud’ for him if anyone ever bothered us.”

“I used to live on Walker with 3 other girls in our early 20s,” a similar post reads. “Pete would always come by to check on us, hang out a bit and run off anyone who stopped by that he considered of lesser character. He was a good guy.”

A Go Fund Me campaign has been started to raise money for a funeral; as of midday Sunday, it had raised $3,560. “Pete doesn’t really have much family that are able to do anything to help and the GoFundMe is going to be used to help offset the costs of his cremation/Urn and provide a public memorial service somewhere out in the open so that all who want to attend are able to attend,” another Reddit message says.

Easter Egg hunt on Saturday April 13

Tate Street merchants are sponsoring an East Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 13, starting at noon at Boba House. Prizes will be provided by Boba House, Sisters Jewelry and Gifts and Tate Street Coffee House. There will be different levels of difficulty, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

a vulture sits atop Sushi Republic



A vulture visits Sushi Republic

A vulture was spotted at Sushi Republic last Sunday, possibly one of the two spotted in March just a few houses away. Sorry, guy — closed on Sunday! They’ve also been spotted in a backyard on Walker Avenue near Fulton Street.

vulture takes flight over tate street

and away it goes

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College Hill news: Here comes the sun. It seems like years since it’s been here.

commercial building on Spring Garden Street at Mendenhall with its classic neighboring house

901 Spring Garden Street, new home of VanderVeen Photographers

It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter, but spring has brought a break in the clouds and at least a temporary respite from winter’s (and 2018’s) onslaught of rain.

901 Spring Garden

The mid-century commercial building at 901 Spring Garden Street has been sold. UNCG had been renting the place, once the Clothesline store, from Mary Garvey. She now has sold it to Rebecka and Bert VanderVeen. They’ll use it as a studio for their business, VanderVeen Photographers.

Street repaving

For those who missed the discussion on Nextdoor, the city plans to repave South Mendenhall Street this year but no other College Hill streets. The neighborhood was told last year, when the city dug up the neighborhood’s streets (twice), that they would be repaved after the water and sewer work was done. For anyone who thought they meant this year, we now know they actually meant the streets will be repaved someday after the water and sewer work, which ended six months ago, too late to make the city’s repaving schedule for 2019.

The city says there’s a chance that Rankin, Carr, Tate and Joyner could be repaved next year, with McGee and Walker maybe in 2021 and the rest in the fullness of time.

Neighborhood Association

The College Hill Neighborhood Association is about to renovate the landscaping at the 14 street-corner planting areas around the neighborhood. If you’re interested in volunteering to help, please let us know. For more information, see this post on Nextdoor. … The neighborhood association also is working with the city to replace College Hill’s decrepit trash bins. The city has randomly removed, without replacing, some that had been hit by cars or had tops that were jammed half-open because of poor design. Most that remain also have been hit by cars or have tops that are jammed half-open because of poor design. We’re likely to get replacements like the new ones in the Tate Street business district.

Edgar Street paving

The April 22 neighborhood association meeting will include a discussion with city officials about the possible paving of Edgar Street. More information on that will be posted before the meeting.

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Two visitors bring greetings from the goddess Isis

two big black birds atop a chimney

Two unfamiliar visitors spotted Monday on Tate Street

Hawks and owls are familiar sights in College Hill, but these two guys look like a new breed of visitor. The black vultures — or possibly some kind of buzzard, if there’s actually any difference between them — were perched atop a chimney in the 300 block of Tate Street on Monday.

For those seeking a symbolic or spiritual meaning in their presence, there’s a wide variety to choose from — cleansing and transformation, the protection of the goddess Isis, a sign to be patient with ourselves and think things through, or — a more traditionally American sentiment — God’s judgment of shame.

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The official 2019 every-other-week recycling schedule, in case you didn’t get it in the mail, or you lost it or your dog ate it

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