Don’t drag that used but undamaged mattress to the curb — donate it to a group that can give it to someone who needs it

mattress in yard, thrown away by some thoughtless person

There’s a steady stream of mattresses that move from College Hill bedrooms to the curb to the landfill. And that’s a shame because there are people in Greensboro and the Triad who need them. Used mattresses that don’t have tears, holes, structural damage or stains can be donated to charities that can get them to people in need.

In Greensboro, used mattresses can be donated to the Barnabus Networkthe Salvation Army or the Vietnam Veterans of America. Please call one of these groups to come and pick up your used mattress rather than throwing it away.

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Neighbor Jim Clark of Carr Street dies at age 72

headshot of Jim ClarkLongtime College Hill resident Jim Clark died Monday. He was  72. He had suffered a severe heart attack last spring. Jim and his wife, Daniele, had lived on Carr Street since 1980 and raised their two children, Stefan and Josie, there. They moved to Westerwood after Jim’s heart attack to be closer to their daughter.

Jim was the director of UNCG’s MFA program in creative writing for many years, a position he still held. He also was editor of the program’s magazine, The Greensboro  Review.

In a quote posted on the MFA program website, novelist Kevin Wilson said, “Until it broke, my answering machine held a message from Jim Clark, telling me I had a story accepted in The Greensboro Review. Though I would not mention this to Jim, as it would embarrass the hell out of him, on days when I got a rejection or I felt like a terrible writer, which was often, I would listen to his message and feel better.

“Jim is the kind of editor that you hope for, one that believes wholeheartedly in the work, supports writers in whatever way he can, and makes you believe that he had no hand in making the piece better through editing, even though he made my story so much better.”

Visitation will be Thursday November 2, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Forbis & Dick Funeral Service, 1118 N. Elm Street. Click here for more information.

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Reminder: Sewer-line smoke testing is now under way

Notice from the city detailing rthe smoke-testing of water linesThe process is scheduled to begin today in College Hill and is expected to take three to four weeks. Here’s the full announcement from the city, including a link to a map of the areas where testing will be conducted:

Beginning Wednesday, October 18, the City of Greensboro and contractor Hydrostructures will be performing sewer line smoke testing in various locations throughout the City for three to four weeks. This is part of the City’s effort to continue to monitor and improve its infrastructure conditions. View a project location map of the testing areas here.

During the survey, a non-toxic smoke will be introduced into a manhole eventually flowing into the sewer lines. Any open break in the sewer line will be identified by the presence of smoke.

The smoke is non-toxic, non-staining, has a slight odor, and will appear white to gray in color. The smoke does not create a fire hazard. To prevent smoke from entering into a structure, customers are advised to pour a gallon of water into every sink, tub, and floor drain that is not used on a daily basis.

Motorists traveling in the project location sites may experience some minor traffic delays. Additional updates will be issued as testing progresses. For additional information, please call the City Contact Center at 336-373-2489 or visit the Water Resources website.

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Update on Phase 1 of College Hill traffic improvement project: Temporary changes are slowing traffic on Mendenhall

The first phase of the College Hill for Everyone project is primarily a demonstration project. It’s being used to gather information and demonstrate the use of innovative techniques and materials to slow traffic on South Mendenhall Street and to improve pedestrian safety and quality of life in College Hill.

The changes that have been put in place are temporary. The information gathered during this test phase will help identify what kinds of changes will be effective at reducing motor vehicle speeds, reducing traffic noise and improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

After the testing phase, we’ll use what we’ve learned to develop long-term improvements.  The timing of those improvements will be coordinated with upcoming water and sewer replacement and street resurfacing projects to limit the disruption and cost.

Vehicle speed and pedestrian safety

Mendenhall doesn’t look like a 25 mph street. It’s straight and wider than the nearby side streets. Most of its intersections lack crosswalks, and one side is clear of parked cars. It doesn’t give motorists obvious reasons to travel at or below the posted speed limit.

The combination of a high level of pedestrian traffic, lack of marked crosswalks, high rate of motor vehicles speeding and other factors create a dangerous situation.

Chart: Pedestrian Risk of Injury or Fatality by Speed

Click the chart to see it larger.

Last year, traffic speed data were collected on the 500 block of Mendenhall, where the lane diverters are being tested. Only about 40% of motor vehicles were travelling at or below the posted speed limit.  The maximum recorded speed was 54 mph.

Data collected after installation of the temporary treatments show that the changes to the design of the street are reducing traffic speeds significantly.  Over 97% of vehicles are travelling at or below 25 mph.  Only 0.1% of vehicles are traveling above 35 mph. The maximum recorded speed was 38 mph.

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Saturday morning: Church of the Covenant Rummage Sale

PCOC Rummage Sale: Saturday, October 7, 8 a.m.;p to noon

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An opportunity to meet artisans and contractors who specialize in restoring older homes, Friday night at Double Oaks B&B

invitation to ICAA event Friday September 22

This event is an opportunity to meet artisans, contractors, and other professionals who specialize in the types of work needed to maintain the historic and aesthetic aspects of older homes — expertise that can be difficult to find.

The event is free and open to the public. Click on the invitation for more information.

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Drop-in meetings to review College Hill section of Greenway: Tuesday August 15, 11:30 a.m. & 4:30 p.m. at Morehead Foundry

Flyer for Downtown Greenway August 15 public session on design of new section

Click on the flyer for more information

Downtown Greenway map with new sections highlighted

Click on the map for more information

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Update: Work under way on traffic improvement project, Tuesday celebration to include mural painting, free pizza

Barriers and signs in middle of intersection

Reminder: The entire College Hill  neighborhood is invited to take part in the August 1 official kickoff of the traffic improvement project and National Night Out celebration. Among the highlights of the event … on Mendenhall Street between Rankin Place and Carr Street … from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m:

  • Mural painting at the intersection of Mendenhall and Carr (you’re invited to join in!),
  • A splash pool, hula hoop making, corn hole and other activities for kids;
  • A bike blender;
  • Free pizza from Slices by Tony; and
  • Free drinks provided by Morehead Foundry.

Neighborhood volunteers and city staff began work last Friday on traffic-slowing installations that will be tested on Mendenhall Street. The changes will be evaluated for their effectiveness and community response before permanent changes are made. A second phase in the fall will target Spring Garden Street. The project is being funded by the College Hill Municipal Service District.

Crosswalk formed by stencils of blue jeans

Carr Street gets a center line and decorative crosswalk at Mendenhall Street.

Volunteers in yellow safety vests painting, etc.

Volunteers work on the parklet on Mendenhall at Carr Street.

Part of the street blocked off and painted purple

One lane of Walker coming up from Tate street has been blocked (and painted purple) to get cars away from the bushes that block the view of traffic approaching on Mendenhall from the north and to better manage Eastbound Walker traffic entering the intersection.

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Save the date: August 1 kickoff celebration for traffic initiative

From Jeff Sovich, Neighborhood Planning Coordinator with the Greensboro Planning Department:

logo for College Hill for EveryoneOver the next few months, College Hill is embarking on an exciting new project that aims to reclaim neighborhood streets and sidewalks as safe, inviting places for people!  College Hill For Everyone will launch in August with a series of temporary demonstration projects that combine traffic-calming, signage, art, branding, history, and community events to enhance College Hill’s quality of life, historic character, and neighborhood identity.  Phase 1 of CH4E will begin on Tuesday, August 1, in conjunction with National Night Out.

With your help, the College Hill Neighborhood Association will transform several intersections along Mendenhall Street (from Rankin Place to Walker Avenue), into people-friendly places.  The National Night Out celebration will be on Mendenhall Street between Carr Street and Odell Place.  For one night, this 150-foot section of Mendenhall will be closed to motor vehicles, so friends, neighbors, and visitors can stroll, chat, create, and play.  Take a moment to visit the project webpage, where you can:

  • Review the initial presentation from the July 6 Community Conversation,
  • Express your thoughts and opinions in a brief online survey,
  • View the latest survey results, and
  • Volunteer to help with the August 1 launch event.

Be a part of this innovative project that will re-envision the way streets and public spaces can serve people and make our neighborhoods greater!

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College Hill traffic plan: Demonstration projects presented, August 1 start scheduled for initial test phase on Mendenhall

cover page of presentationThe testing phase of the College Hill traffic initiative will begin Tuesday August 1. The plan was presented at last Thursday’s neighborhood meeting. About 50 people turned out to hear about the plan and discuss issues that the plan addresses.

The “College Hill for Everyone” plan includes ideas to slow traffic, to make streets safer for pedestrians and to raise awareness of College Hill’s distinct identity among people coming into and through the neighborhood. It was developed by neighborhood planners Team Better Block of Dallas, working with the College Hill Neighborhood Association and the Greensboro Planning Department. It addresses needs identified by the College Hill residents in the neighborhood plan adopted in 2015. The project is being paid for by the neighborhood with its Municipal Service District funds.

Before freaking out about any of this, please note: No changes will be implemented on a permanent basis before they are tested and response from the neighborhood is gathered. 

The plan focuses initially on the installation of demonstration projects on South Mendenhall Street from Rankin Place to Walker Avenue. They will be put in place on a test basis August 1. A second demonstration phase will occur in the fall on Mendenhall from Walker to Spring Garden Street and on Spring Garden from Mendenhall to Fulton Street. Details on the second phase will come later this summer.

The demonstration projects will be temporary installations of street improvements designed to slow traffic on Mendenhall and Spring Garden — the two College Hill streets where speed limits are most abused — and to make the streets more safe, convenient and comfortable for pedestrians. The results of the tests will determine what changes will be implemented on a permanent basis.

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