The People’s Perk has a deadline on Kickstarter this Thursday for a mural to honor ‘Wonderful Women and Fabulous Femmes’

Karen and a wall with many small drawings of women

Co-owner Karen Archia at The People’s Perk

Our good neighbors at The People’s Perk have set a deadline of Thursday morning to reach their goal of raising $1,600 to create a mural titled, “Wonderful Women and Fabulous Femmes.” They’re about halfway to their goal as of midday today.

From their Kickstarter page:

“Too often, important people — particularly women, trans women, and women/trans women of color — who’ve fought for social justice, equality and unity, are forgotten in mainstream historical accounts.

“In celebration of Women’s History Month, The People’s Perk, a locally-owned, neighborhood coffee/retail shop in Greensboro, NC, which encourages creative expression in all people, is partnering with the Greensboro Mural Project (GSO Mural Project), a Greensboro-based grassroots, arts-centered  organization, to create a special mural entitled ‘Wonderful Women and Fabulous Femmes.'”

The mural will be painted on a wall in the shop that has been used for exhibits from local artists.

Click here to contribute and see more about the project.

Click here to see the list of 12 finalists to be included in the mural.

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Tate Street restaurants’ health ratings: Straight A’s … almost

Sidewalk view of Tate Street Coffee

Cleanest restaurant on the street: Tate Street Coffee House (Photo by Preservation Greensboro)

As anyone with even a hint of germophobia knows, the Guilford County Health Department inspects restaurants and grades them on compliance with sanitation and food-handling requirements. Grade certificates must be conspicuously posted. They carry a letter grade along with a specific numeric score (90 to 100 gets an A).

Be aware that an A grade isn’t a guarantee of top-flight cleanliness. The system is set up so almost every place that isn’t absolutely revolting gets an A. Restaurants can have quite a few violations and still scrape by with low A’s. I once heard a presentation by a county health official who recommended never eating at a place with a score below 93.

Inspections occur up to four times a year. The laggards are supposed to get more visits than the top scorers, though that pattern doesn’t hold up across the board. Tate Street’s cleanest restaurant has been inspected four times in 14 months; one at the low end of the A range, only twice.

The best and the worst

  • The best: At the top of the ratings, Tate Street Coffee’s inspections over the past year have been consistently excellent, ranging from 97 to 98. Sam’s Oven and Grill doesn’t have a rating posted online yet, but the numbers at its other location are exemplary. Among the Spring Garden Street restaurants, Jack’s Corner and Yum Yum rate consistently excellent.
  • The worst: The only Tate Street restaurant that didn’t receive straight A’s was East Coast Wings, which pulled a B last November. And it wasn’t especially close: 86.5. A follow-up inspection two weeks later brought it up to an A at 93.5, the best it managed to score all year.
  • Not that good: Others came close to losing their A ratings. China Wok went as low as 91.5; Slices had a 92. Don couldn’t do better than 93.5.
  • A pattern of lower scores: Before 2016, China Wok, Don, East Coast Wings and Slices consistently had much higher scores, all from the same inspector (the database identifies by number the inspector who conducted each visit). Then their scores all fell sharply when a new inspector took over. The same pattern appears in inspections of other restaurants, but the drop-offs weren’t as extreme. Apparently, old Inspector No. 2101, for whatever reason, wasn’t nearly as tough as new Inspector No. 1322.

Restaurant health ratings since January 2016

Below are all the ratings from inspections since January 2016 for restaurants on Tate Street and several nearby places (click here for the entire Guilford County database).

Boba House
1/20/2017, 94, A
9/7/2016, 96.50, A
4/25/2016, 96, A

China Wok
10/31/2016, 93, A
8/31/2016, 94.50, A
6/7/2016, 92.50, A
2/18/2016, 91.50, A

10/27/2016, 95.50, A
4/26/2016, 94, A

1/12/2017, 96.50, A
7/28/2016, 94.50, A
4/26/2016, 95.50, A
1/6/2016, 94.50, A

7/19/2016, 93.50, A
3/2/2016, 92.50, A

East Coast Wings & Grill
11/16/2016, 93.50, A
11/1/2016, 86.50, B
6/30/2016, 92.50, A
1/6/2016, 91, A

Insomnia Cookies
New: No inspection listed online yet

Jimmy John’s
9/28/2016, 97.50, A
4/11/2016, 96, A

Manhattan Subs & Pizza
2/17/2017, 93, A
7/21/2016, 96.50, A
1/19/2016, 92.50, A

New York Pizza
1/23/2017, 95.50, A
10/7/2016, 97, A
6/29/2016, 96, A
1/21/2016, 95, A

Pedros Taco Shop (it’s listed in the database without an apostrophe)
11/28/2016, 95, A
9/21/2016, 97, A

Sam’s Oven and Grill
New: No inspection listed online yet for Tate Street
Groometown Road location:
1/9/2017, 99.50, A
7/25/2016, 97, A
3/14/2016, 99.50, A

Slices Pizza Co. by Tony
1/23/2017, 96.50, A
9/1/2016, 92, A
4/20/2016, 94, A

Smoothie King
1/20/2017, 96.50, A
8/8/2016, 97.50, A

Sushi Republic
11/29/2016, 94.50, A
8/1/2016, 94, A
3/18/2016, 94.50, A

Tate Street Coffee House
1/6/2017, 97, A
10/3/2016, 98, A
5/16/2016, 97, A
2/10/2016, 97.50, A

Nearby: Spring Garden, Mendenhall, etc.

Bandito Burrito (food truck that visits Mendenhall Street weekly)
11/4/2016, 96, A
4/28/2016, 96.50, A

Carolina Foundry (Four Flocks and Larder, Revolution Burger, The Baker & The Bean)
2/8/2017, 96, A
9/27/2016, 97.50, A
5/27/2016, 97.50, A

Domino’s Pizza (Chapman Street)
8/26/2016, 95.50, A
2/17/2016, 97, A

Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast (North Mendenhall Street)
New: No inspection listed online yet

First Carolina Deli (Spring Garden Street)
1/10/2017, 97, A
7/6/2016, 98, A
1/28/2016, 96.50, A

Jack’s Corner (Spring Garden Street)
1/24/2017, 98, A
7/18/2016, 98, A

Old Town Draught House (Spring Garden Street)
9/28/2016, 98.50, A
9/9/2015, 96.50, A
3/4/2015, 98, A

Primo’s Pizza, Subs and Wings (Spring Garden Street)
1/10/2017, 94.50, A
10/20/2016, 97, A

Thai Garden Express (Aycock Street)
8/10/2016, 96, A
6/1/2016, 97.50, A
2/10/2016, 97, A

Yum Yum (Spring Garden Street)
10/20/2016, 99, A
2/25/2016, 99, A

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Rabid raccoon found on Morehead Avenue in College Hill

Raccoon in a bare tree

Photo from the National Digital Library of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via Wikimedia Commons

Guilford County has reported that a raccoon found on Morehead Avenue in College Hill tested positive for rabies. The animal was captured last Wednesday.

The raccoon was taken by Guilford County Animal Control around 2 p.m. on February 15 in the 900 block of Morehead, between South Mendenhall and Jackson streets. It was lethargic and didn’t attack any people or animals.

Raccoons are the most frequently reported rabid wildlife species, accounting for 30.2 percent of all animal cases during 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control. However, few raccoons can actually spread the disease. Rabies in raccoons is communicable only in the final one to three days of an infected raccoon’s life. It is spread through saliva and almost always through a bite. Only one human death from a rabid raccoon has ever been reported, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

Don’t be alarmed simply by seeing raccoons during the day. Although they’re more active at night, they often move around during the day. It is time to be alarmed if you see one staggering, wandering erratically, seemingly oblivious to noise or surroundings, with wet and matted hair on its face, making repeated high-pitch sounds or mutilating itself. Stay as far away as possible, keep pets away from it and call Animal Control at 336-641-5990 immediately.

Low-cost rabies vaccinations

State law requires that all cats and dogs be vaccinated against rabies, regardless of whether they live indoors or out. Low-cost rabies vaccinations are available for $10 Monday through Saturday at the Planned Pethood Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic, 4527 West Wendover Avenue (at the Humane Society of the Piedmont). Other organizations have low-cost rabies clinics periodically at pet stores and other locations.

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Rick Stone elected to neighborhood association board

College Hill logoThe Honorable Rick Stone has been elected to the board of the College Hill Neighborhood Association. He was one of 11 residents elected by acclamation as officers and board members Monday night.

Stone is a former Superior Court judge. He succeeds Lynn Gagnier, who stepped down due to a schedule conflict with board meetings. Stone and his wife, Susan, have lived in College Hill since they restored 919 Spring Garden Street, the Carrie and Charles Angle House.  A 2011 fire badly damaged the house, which was divided into apartments at the time. The Stones bought it in 2014 and spent more than a year restoring it as a single-family home.

The officers and other board members, who were all re-elected, are:

  • President: James Keith
  • Vice President: David Arneke
  • Secretary: Amanda Keith
  • Treasurer: Arlen Nicolls
  • Eric Crouse
  • Dan Curry
  • Virginia Haskett
  • Dave Hemm
  • Clara Kelly
  • Lyddan Pawlowski
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Late winter is owl-watching season in College Hill

An owl sitting on a limb in a bare tree

An owl spotted Monday morning between Carr Street and Rankin Place

Late winter and early spring (before the trees leaf out) are the best times to see our neighborhood owls. They show up well in bare trees. They’ll perch in magnolias for better cover, but they’ll sit out in the open for extended periods, too.

We see them fairly often on the north side of Carr Street, in the wooded backyards between Carr and Rankin Place. And we hear them even more frequently, especially at night. The first sign of their presence during the day is often a commotion among the smaller birds, especially crows. The crows take charge in confronting owls and hawks, squawking to draw a crowd and then leading the harassment. They often succeed in chasing owls away. If the owl can get to a safe perch, it might be patient and wait the smaller birds out. Or it might just move along (who needs the aggravation?).

The owls we see in the neighborhood appear to be barred owls. They’ll sit up in a tree and look right down on you, sizing you up and eventually losing interest or looking away toward rustling sounds on the ground that might be signs of more promising prey. Their gaze is unnerving, as is the silence of their flight when they come or go. It’s easy to see why so many cultures have seen the supernatural in them.

Click here for an excellent webpage on barred owls, including audio files of their calls.

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You, too, can borrow books from UNCG’s outstanding libraries, and you can go hear noted author Ray Suarez on March 29

photo of statue,m building and tower

Jackson Library would have been a great place for a statue of Walker Clinton Jackson, but it actually has one of Charles Duncan McIver, founder of the university, instead.

A few things worth knowing about Jackson Library and the Harold Schiffman Music Library at UNCG (collectively known as the UNCG Libraries): They’re fabulous libraries, you can easily gain borrowing privileges and their big annual event is coming up in March.

Borrowing books

You can check out books and make on-campus use of ejournals and databases to which the libraries subscribe by joining the Friends of the UNCG Libraries. Memberships start at $25/year.

Politics, Media & Information: An Evening with Ray Suarez

headshot of noted journalist and author

Ray Suarez

Journalist and author Ray Suarez will be the speaker for the UNCG Friends of the Libraries annual dinner, Wednesday March 29 [note: date corrected 2/10/16], 6 p.m. in the Elliot University Center’s Cone Ballroom. Suarez is the author of  Latino Americans: The 500-Year Legacy that Shaped a Nation; The Holy Vote: The Politics of Faith in America; and The Old Neighborhood: What We Lost in the Great Suburban Migration.

You may remember him as a correspondent for “PBS NewsHour” (1999-2013) and host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” (1993-99).

Tickets are $60 for members and $70 for nonmembers. Advance purchase is required; tickets are available through the Triad Stage box office.

About the libraries

The University Libraries hold 1.2 million books, federal and state documents, and other print material; provide access to over 65,000 ejournals and nearly 650,000 ebooks; and have almost 200,000 streaming films and audio files.

Jackson Library is a national Literary Landmark, the only one in North Carolina.

Bonus fact of interest to College Hill

Until Jackson Library was built in 1950, Walker Avenue ran straight through the campus. College Avenue had a pedestrian overpass above the street (you can look it up).

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Notes on UNCG baseball, the ‘Spoon, Neighborhood Watch

house seen from street

First College Hill home to go up for sale this year: 508 South Cedar Street, $235,000

An early sign of spring: The UNCG baseball team plays its first home game of the season Friday February 24, 4 p.m., vs. Michigan State. The three-game weekend series kicks off 22 straight home games through March 28 (one game will be played at NewBridge Bank Ballpark against A&T). … The Taco Tuesday bike ride is on hiatus until spring, or at least spring-like weather. …

On Tuesday February 14, the monthly Noon at the ‘Spoon event will feature a tour of the current exhibition “Lucinda Devlin: Sightlines.” That’s at the Weatherspoon, noon to 12:20 p.m. …

If you ever find yourself wondering about any particular point of local law in Greensboro, go to You can learn all kinds of things, like it’s illegal to put upholstered indoor furniture on an open porch (Section 17-1(a)(11)) and it’s illegal to leave garbage cans in front yards (Section 25(d)(1)). …

Remember: The College Hill Neighborhood Association will hold its annual election of officers and board members on Monday February 20, 7 p.m., at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, Fellowship Hall, 501 South Mendenhall Street. If you’re interested in serving, send us an email or respond in the comments section below. Or come to the meeting and tell us then.

Neighborhood Watch notes

Overall, it’s been very quiet lately in the neighborhood as far as crimes are concerned, even at The Province. … St. Mary’s House, the Episcopal campus ministry at 930 Walker Avenue, has been broken into twice, on January 25 and February 1. Some sorry lowlife stole a desktop computer, a microwave and a popcorn maker. …

At The Province, the only crime reported since January 1 was a report of gunshots Saturday at 2:15 p.m. The police report says a car was damaged but provides essentially no other relevant information. … The only other crimes reported in the neighborhood since January 1 were four DUI arrests. Watch it out there.

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February calendar of events

February 2017 calendar of eventsRecurring on Tuesdays

  • In*Spire Meditation group
    Tuesdays, noon, Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, 501 South Mendenhall Street, in the Sanctuary. The meditation period is less than an hour and is open to the public.
  • Noon at the ‘Spoon
    Second Tuesday each month, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Spring Garden Street at Tate Street, a 20-minute exploration of a new exhibition.

UNCG event calendars


  • Friday February 3
    Recycling and bulk trash will be collected along with the weekly garbage and yard waste pickup.

8 p.m. University Performing Arts Series — Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane Company. UNCG Auditorium.

  • Thursday February 16
    7:30 p.m., UNCG Theatre: Antigone, Taylor Theatre, Tate Street. Feb. 16: Pay-what-you-can preview. Play runs Feb. 16-19 and 22-26.
  • Friday February 17
    Recycling and bulk trash will be collected along with the weekly garbage and yard waste pickup.
  • Monday February 20
    7 p.m. — College Hill Neighborhood Association board meeting. Elections of 2017 officers and board members will be held.
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CHNA board election to be held Monday February 20

College Hill Historic District sign at Tate and Market streetsThe College Hill Neighborhood Association will hold its annual election for officers and board of directors on Monday, February 20, at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, 501 South Mendenhall Street. Anyone interested in running can inform the board by sending an email or by letting us know at the meeting.

All members of the neighborhood association are eligible to run. Membership is open to all College Hill residents and property owners.

The board develops and implements the College Hill Neighborhood Plan in collaboration with the city Planning Department. It also directs the allocation of the historic district’s municipal service district funds. Current projects include selling the neighborhood association’s small lot on South Mendenhall Street and a developing a plan to slow traffic on South Mendenhall Street through upgrades to the roadway, intersections, signage and markings.

The neighborhood board reviews applications for certificates of appropriateness from property owners in the historic district and advises the Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission. The association manages the neighborhood’s Neighborhood Watch program and is a member of the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress.

The board meets monthly on the Monday before the last Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant. The meeting dates are determined by the monthly meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission, which meets on the last Wednesday of the month.

The neighborhood association’s current officers and directors are:


  • President: James Keith
  • Vice President: David Arneke
  • Secretary: Amanda Keith
  • Treasurer: Arlen Nicolls

Board Members

  • Eric Crouse
  • Dan Curry
  • Lynn Gagnier
  • Virginia Haskett
  • Dave Hemm
  • Clara Kelly
  • Lyddan Pawlowski
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Sewer rehabilitation work coming; beginning date uncertain

Door-hanger that was distributed in December in re upcoming sewer rehabilitation workIf you received a door-hanger like this one in the past month, you’ve probably noticed that sewer rehabilitation work did not begin within 48 hours. But it will, eventually.

Robbie Bald, a civil engineer for the City of Greensboro, says work has been delayed (they’re on the other side of UNCG in the area of Mayflower Drive and West Market Street) and he can’t give a specific date for beginning in College Hill.

When contractor KRG Utility does come, the work will go one block at a time, likely taking a week or two per block. College Hill’s sewer lines date back to the 1920s and ’30s. While many such lines around the city are leaking, it’s rainwater leaking into the lines that’s the problem, not sewage leaking out. Adding rain to sewage unnecessarily increases the load at the city’s water treatment plants.

Bald characterizes the work as “fairly non-invasive.” Streets will be dug up, but work will extend into yards only where necessary.

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